Artist:  Tammy Friedrich

"Rays of Hope"

Cotton warp, wool weft

27 " x 43"

Artist Statement:

I am a maker. I love to create and surround myself with handmade textiles that are both beautiful and serviceable. As a handweaver, I elevate everyday forms of textiles into distinctive articles with unique visual appeal to enhance the interior living environment. As a master weaver, the process of weaving is a joy, since my textiles are created using historic 18thand 19thcentury Pennsylvania German (barn) looms. Although the materials, techniques, and equipment I use remains rudimentary, the textiles I create speak volumes.

I have been weaving for 36 years and received a master weaver designation from The Central Pennsylvania Weaving Guild in 2004. In 2018, I was a winner in the exhibition "Metamorphosis," a national yearly American Craft Week Showcase that celebrated recycling and repurposing.