Artist:  Beth Fowler

"All Colors"


10" x 10"



Artist Statement:

Seeking Balance

For me, the challenge and excitement of creating art comes from seeking a balance between:

-A childlike glee in playing with colors and a disciplined selection of hues to compose a harmonized image.

-A desire to scribble and a need to come across as a skilled.

-Breaking from realism and interpreting an image in a personal, appealing way.

-Expressing the God-given desire to create and a concern for wasting art materials.


Beth Fowler's artwork has been exhibited in numerous galleries, businesses, churches, wineries, boutiques and other venues in PA and MD. People describe her art as "engaging, energetic, charming?" She's won awards and has been granted entry in several juried exhibits. She accepts art commissions. Beth lives in Lititz with her husband Tom and cat Zoe.