Artist:  Rosa Luz Catterall


Oil on canvas




Artist Statement

I believe that we all experience the world in our own unique way. My paintings allow me to go on a journey and recapture experiences through different media. As I cross the bridge between thinking and feeling, I am able to enter a state of existence that revives the place, time, and all my five senses of that moment. I always go back to my reference pictures and sketches, but it is really what is in my heart that gets translated into each of my paintings. As an immigrant Latino woman whose experience has been about relocating from a small town to a big city and then to a smaller city, I find my themes reflect cultural diversity, movement and growth. I find nature grounds me and helps me move forward in my art. My desire is to connect on a human level with the community. I envision myself growing as a painter and inspiring others to be free and to celebrate their own creativity and identity.