Artist:  Christine Mercer-Vernon

"believe, in love"

oil on aluminum, cradled




Artist Statement:

"Love. So easy for some and hard for others. My exploration into hope-via-wishing goes large-scale in this painting about remaining hopeful about love. Swirling emotions represented in the ribbons and encompassed with sunshine and warmth. Have you spotted the ????"



Christine is a contemporary American artist whose works are inspired by nature and our connection to it. She began her career as a textbook illustrator, creating artwork for elementary, high school, college and medical textbooks.

Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the east coast and she is a member of the American Women Artists non-profit organization. She has studied with several gifted artists and instructors, such as Jon DeMartin, Carlo Russo and Lisa Gloria.

"I have a deep connection to nature. It's where I feel most at peace. Nature is an endless source of inspiration in my work. Whether it's finding joy in flowers, or in awe of a vast landscape, I aim to express those feelings in my paintings. Exploring our connection to the natural world and our desire to seek out hidden meanings and inspirations I like to combine storytelling with minimalism and movement."