Artist: Christine Mercer-Vernon

"diversity: the strength of forests"

oil on aluminum, cradled



Artist Statement:

"The mighty oak thrives because of the diversity of the species. Can we not learn from this? This narrative portrays a valuable lesson derived from nature itself. Varied oak seedlings and flesh-toned stripes-held together by a transparent mortar- over a rainbow toned panel represent the diversity of humanity. Black & white ribbons spiraling through the roots bring attention to polarizing opinions yet spiral through bare roots that all look the same, because beneath appearances, we are all rooted from the same tree. And the large grey ribbon holding it all together? It stands for compromise. That grey middle area where we should all be meeting."


Christine is a contemporary American artist whose works are inspired by nature and our connection to it. She began her career as a textbook illustrator, creating artwork for elementary, high school, college and medical textbooks.

Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the east coast and she is a member of the American Women Artists non-profit organization. She has studied with several gifted artists and instructors, such as Jon DeMartin, Carlo Russo and Lisa Gloria.

"I have a deep connection to nature. It's where I feel most at peace. Nature is an endless source of inspiration in my work. Whether it's finding joy in flowers, or in awe of a vast landscape, I aim to express those feelings in my paintings. Exploring our connection to the natural world and our desire to seek out hidden meanings and inspirations I like to combine storytelling with minimalism and movement."