Think for a moment that you get a cancer diagnosis and your two income household is now down to one income because you are sick from chemotherapy and bills are piling up. 

Imagine you are a senior who receives $750 a month for social security (the average) but with high rising rent costs, you and your little dog who is your only friend, can't find affordable housing. 

How would you feel if you are in a car accident, the other driver had no car insurance and yours is tapped out. Now you have no transportation, out of work and you have medical costs for your injuries.

You are alone, with no one to turn to and you find yourself without a home.

Your illusion of stability is gone...

Many of us are one incident away from this situation.

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel. You hear about a safe place for women, Sister Jose Women's Center.

You arrive and the sign at the front desk states:

"The Overnight Program is currently full. No new intakes this week"


These are just a fraction of the heartbreaking circumstances that many of our guests find themselves in when life changed in an instant. Sister Josť Women's Center (SJWC) is working to give more women a chance at safe emergency rest by constructing an expansion of our sleep room to accommodate over 60% more beds. We need your help to sustain this new expansion so we can continue to provide 40 cots out of the elements and other challenges of the outdoors.

SJWC was founded in 2009, and was named after Sr. Josť Hobday OSF, Native-American Franciscan Sister. The Center currently serves over 1,400 women experiencing homelessness per year in our day and night programs. For many women, SJWC is their only safe haven and first step out of homelessness. Our low-barrier day program provides women with a stable and safe environment to recuperate from the daily struggle of homelessness and extreme poverty. We provide for the survival needs of women by offering showers, laundry facilities, clothing, hygiene items, and meals six days a week. In addition, we offer case-management to assist them on their path to a sustainable existence that is built on income and housing stability. In order to eliminate another barrier some of our guests face, we are pet friendly which is unlike any other shelter in Tucson!


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This amazing expansion means more sleep space for women in need. It also means there is an increase in costs and maintenance of that extra space. Donations toward our expansion project help us with general operating costs such as staffing, sanitation equipment and materials, evening hot meals, and utilities. Click the "View Items" button below to see a few other expansion wish list items. This project will significantly impact the lives of the women we serve. Thank you for your generosity.

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