Terms and Conditions

Do you agree to allow San Antonio Humane Society to use your personal data?

I consent to allowing San Antonio Humane Society to capture and use my personal data. I understand and have read the Terms of Service and understand that I may revoke this consent at any time.

Is my donation to the San Antonio Humane Society taxed?

Donations are not taxed. The online donor site charges a processing fee of 3.5% for VISA/MC/Discover and 3.95% for AMEX for each donation. Donors have the option of paying the processing fee (which is tax-deductible) for the SAHS to allow more funds to go toward shelter programs. Covering this fee for the SAHS is not required. The total amount that the donor is charged will be counted towards their fundraising goal.

For more information about these terms and conditions contact development@sahumane.org