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L'Arche Seattle owns 3 beautiful homes on Capitol Hill, all built at the turn of the 20th century. With 7 to 8 people living in them full time plus a constant flow of visitors (pre-Covid), they get a lot of wear and tear and there are ongoing repair and replacement needs. This year's Share in Our Mission is devoted to making sure our homes continue to be places of warmth and welcome for our core members, assistants, and the entire community.

There will be an opportunity to donate during our Share in Our Mission. If you are unable to attend and would like to donate, please chose any one of the options below. If you don't see an amount you would like, choose Any Amount, to enter the amount you would like to donate.

We are so grateful to our sponsors for their support!  

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Wine Purchase from Drum Roll Wines to benefit L'Arche Noah Sealth!

 Celebrate and support L'Arche Noah Sealth with this unique collection of 5 Pacific Northwest wines for $100. Order by Wednesday, October 13th to enjoy the wine during the 10th annual benefit!

Orders placed by noon on October 13 are available to pick up at the L'Arche Activity center at 1425 E Ward St in Seattle.

Wines will be available to order through the day of the event but any orders received from the 14th thru the 16th will be available after the event. If you order after noon on October 13th, please email to arrange for pickup.

Every purchase you make will benefit L'Arche Noah Sealth directly with 30% of all sales donated directly to L'Arche Noah Sealth!

Click Drum Roll Wine to purchase.  Not available to purchase thru this event site.

Questions about the wine sale? Please contact


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