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About the 6th Annual Cactus Blossom

This last year, the inherent resiliency of our community was clearly on display. Friends like you found ways to adapt to protect the lives of our most vulnerable. Without neighbors checking in on each other, resurrected family recipes for immune boosting, and creative problem solving, we wouldn't have gotten this far. We see again that through community collaborative efforts we can accomplish anything. This is what we mean when we celebrate the Cactus Blossom: that despite every adversity we will still find a way to bloom and give life. 

Due to the pandemic, AIT-SCM will host our first curbside fundraiser on July 17th: The Cactus Blossom Mission Heritage Dinner will happen this year- but virtually! Limited tickets will be available to our 4-course menu, an irresistible experience crafted by Chef Rebel Mariposa. As owner of the famed La Botanica, her exploration of Indigenous ingredients and techniques expanded and enticed palettes across San Antonio. 

Funds raised through the 6th Annual Cactus Blossom Dinner support our many programs and services that strengthen San Antonio through cultural preservation and advocacy

About Chef Rebel Mariposa

Rebel Mariposa is a Yanaguana-based, Native queer Tejana with a passion for ancestral healing through food, art, and activism. Rebel possesses an invigorating spirit of initiative that is deeply interwoven in cultura and indigenous roots. She is the chef and owner of the highly acclaimed and nationally recognized La Botanica, Texas' first vegan restaurant, bar, and venue. In addition, she is a co-founder of SanArte, a community-led cultural healing collective. Rebel is a change-maker and trendsetter, always centering healing in her work.

About American Indians in Texas

American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Missions (AIT-SCM) was established in July 1994 by members of the Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation to strengthen their Native American community. Since then, it has developed strong local, state, and national partnerships that have brought millions of dollars into San Antonio co-founded the National Urban Indian Family Coalition, and continues to advocate for the rights and recognition of San Antonio's original people. American Indians in Texas has succeeded by being an innovative leader in providing essential culturally-rooted programming and services that advance the development and visibility of underserved communities and American Indian families.

Our Mission

The Mission of AIT-SCM is to work for the preservation and protection of the culture and traditions of the Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation and other indigenous people of the Spanish Colonial Missions in South Texas and Northern Mexico through: education, research, community outreach, economic development projects, and legislative initiatives at the federal, state and local levels.

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Por Vida Academy

1135 Mission Rd, San Antonio, TX, USA

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