First-annual OphthOlympics designed for Champions of Good Vision.  Teams of 6 compete in a series of contests for bragging rights and the chance to take home the medal.


All 6 members of the team receive an event ticket, t-shirt and invitation to the V.I.P. reception that begins at 6:00 p.m.  During the event, a series of 5 competitions will be held.  In addition, the teams of the OphthOlympics will compete in one last sport:  fundraising for the cause!  Each team has a chance to medal in the individual events or to take home the overall gold, silver, or bronze. 


While the team size is limited to six for 5 of the competitions, for the 6th-fundraising-the team size can be unlimited so recruit your company's whole team to help and, at the same time, know that you are providing glasses and eyecare for Georgia's poorest and most vulnerable across the state.


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