Community Health Action of Staten Island will be holding a fundraiser Saturday, October 2, 2021. As an homage to "ballroom" culture, "Diamonds Shine in the Light" will feature a DIY fashion and drag competition with pageantry and spectacle that promises to be fully over the top!

This event is an elegantly ostentatious alternative to the agency's annual Valentine's Dance, a tradition interrupted by the COVID pandemic. It will feature in-person performances and a gender inclusive competition as we raise money to dramatically improve the health of Staten Islanders while embracing the amazing kaleidoscope of our community.

The affair will be hosted by Legendary Pioneering Icon and Ballroom Historian Kevin Ultra Omni Burrus and will feature Leggoh JohVera -- an award-winning commentator/emcee, vogue dancer and community leader within the ballroom scene-as the event MC.

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Your contribution will keep CHASI services available to anyone in need.

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For over 30 years, Community Health Action of Staten Island has been there for our community in times of crisis. In the 80s, we were the only organization on the Island fighting the AIDS epidemic, challenging the stigma and terrible discrimination against people with AIDS. CHASI continued to respond to urgent needs -- rescue and recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy, opening a 24-hour resource center for people struggling with substance use, and since the beginning of the pandemic, serving as the lead community agency for COVID-19 outreach, education and vaccination support on Staten Island. While serving over 22,000 folks in 2020, we know we still have so much work to do!



The years are the 1920's-1940's Harlem Renaissance. The clubs were The Cotton Club, Copacabana, and movies "Harlem Nights" and "The Great Gatsby." Come in a complete flawless look from head to toe. Your look must complement each other. CASH PRIZE $1,000


BODY: Masters of the Universe vs X-Men. Create your own character.

Male Form:            Muscular Body - create your version of He-man

                               Model's Body - create your version of Wolverine

 Female Form:      5'10 & over recreate the weather witch X-Men leader Storm

                               Under 5'10 recreate the The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull

$1,000 CASH PRIZE ($500 donated by Antoine ULTRAOMNI)


Model vs Muscular vs Voluptuous. Come get your tens across the board fully dressed. Your look must show you have a great body with clothes on. After getting your tens, strip down to the most scandalous outfit of your choice to show reveal your fab body art. 

$1,000 Grand Prize

Eternal Everlasting Face OTA

In Honor of Face Pioneer Icons: Kevin, Derek, Brian and Michael UltraOmni; Erskine Christian, Stewart Ebony, Onjanee Milan, Tenay Pendarvis, Carmen Xtravaganza, Tracy Afrika, Jaimee Balenciaga & Suzanne Ebony.

$1,000 CASH Prize ($500 Sponsored by Wolfgang UltraOmni Busch & Derek UltraOmni Risbrook)


RUNWAY: The Supermodel OTA

Supermodels like Tyson Beckford, Tyra Banks, Iman and Rupaul have always gave their own signature walk and look. Dress like a model on a photoshoot. Male Figures in a fab tailored suit; Female Figures in a fab form-fitted dress; all with a supermodel runway walk and attitude.

Grand Prize Winner: $1,000 


All-American vs. European (with a Futuristic Flair)

CASH prize $1,000

REALNESS: State to State

Every state has their different look when it comes to the realness rulers from East Coast vs. Midwest vs. West Coast:  Executive; Pretty Boy/Girl; School Boy/Girl; Thug/Bangee.

Grand Prize: $1,000 ($200 donated by Shine UltraOmni)



Performance: Old Way vs. New Way vs. Vogue Fem

Grace the floor in a solid color from head-to-toe, shoes count, zippers buckles and accessories all count and in the assigned colors: Old Way: BLUE / New Way: GREEN / FEM: PINK
Grand Prize: $1,000



As descendants of the Siren Gods: Eros and Aphrodite, spellbind us as you've done for centuries with your undeniable powers of allure, attraction and seduction.

Cat boy / Cat girl vs. Junior Sirens vs. Senior Sirens

Grand Prize: $1,000


Red Carpet Avant-Garde Award Season with HIGH DRAMA Ceremonies for VMAs, Golden Globes, Academy Awards, and the Met Gala. Walk in your high-fashion look that turns all cameras to you and become the new fashion media obsession.



THE ROYAL CORONATION: Awarded to the house with the most wins.
CASH PRIZE: $2,000

Hosted By

Community Health Action of Staten Island


55 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY, USA

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