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Provide early intervention for families with newly diagnosed newborns and infants with hearing loss -

- because no family should have to wait to receive the critical support and education they need to set their child up to be able to listen, speak, and THRIVE!

JTC's integral Parent-Infant program, for ages 0-3, prepares children for spoken-language preschool or kindergarten. Many children make dramatic progress, often achieving language skills equal to hearing children BY AGE 3.

Components of Parent-Infant are listening and spoken language auditory verbal therapy (LSL-AVT) in a home-like setting; Friday Family School, composed of parent-child group activity, parent class and children's activity; and counseling and child development.

JTC is one of the rare programs for young children with hearing loss that employs professional counseling and child development staff to support families. In the Parent-Infant program, parents gain understanding of their child's diagnosis and learn how to help develop the child's listening and spoken language skills through everyday experiences. JTC therapists offer coaching and guidance and demonstrate practical activities that caregivers can embed in daily life.

Unlike many other programs, JTC uses a family-centered approach that includes parents, so they can reinforce skills and develop their child's language skills at home.