Matt and Alyssa Totkorcheck

Alyssa and Matt Tokorcheck are proud cat parents of two Animal Friends adoptees, a regal, sassy 2 year old house panther named Sansa, and a rambunctious, floofy 3 year old tabby named Hitchens. After a small amount of initial hissing and territory negotiation, the new cats are now good friends and love sitting on the windowsill together watching birds.  Cats have always been a part of our life together, going all the way back 15 years when we first started dating, and we've loved having cats with us during all the years of our married life together.  When we built our current house, we designed cat shelves/stairs and lounging areas with almost the same priority as floor plans, lighting, and appliances.  Our Animal Friends kitties have brought us happiness and companionship, and we are grateful for the wonderful work that Animal Friends does to save lives.  We are proud to give back to help support a cause that's given us so much love and joy.