Jessie VanSwearingen

I chose to share my life with Bo and Notti and thank goodness the 'boys' embrace the share!  As illustrated in this blessing repeated before each of the boys' 3 meals a day, our aim is to be '? happy, healthy and humble.'  And for Bo, Notti and I, we are best at happy, healthy and humble together!   While Bo and Notti did not come to me from a shelter or rescue, both were 'rescued'.  Bo was rescued from the crate-to-show-life of the littermate not intended to be on stage at dog shows, and Notti from a breeder faced with unexpected life events that made it difficult to care well for the puppies. Bo is wise, resilient, and thoughtful.  Notti is joyful, wears his thoughts on his nose or in the pitch of his squeal. (He squeals when happy, when excited, when concerned and for every meal and every cheerio.)  In its mission, Animal Friends facilitates, supports, and respects the companion animal-human bond --- in a sense a community mission of our happy, healthy and humble.  Animal Friends enables me to directly share our joy [Notti's expertise] and our intent to serve others as a team in Humane Education and Therapets program activities, and indirectly to give funds to support the programs toward a good life for pets, companions and our community.  We continually advance in our understanding of pet and companion behavior through the AF university classes, events and resources - but most of all from the people.  The staff, the volunteers, the class participants on two and four legs are really good beings; all share kind ways, confidence in challenges, and laughter in living.

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