2021 Lemonade Stand Challenge
Saving pets is as easy as 1..2..3

  1. Create your Virtual Lemonade Stand using the button below.
  2. Set a goal for your Virtual Lemonade Stand. Can't decide on one? Start at $50. If you raise $50 or more, you'll receive a free Lemonade Stand Challenge t-shirt (youth size S - XL) as a thank you from the pets!
  3. Share the link to your webpage and goal with everyone you know (on social media and email) and ask them to donate.

Get creative! Do you have a talent for music? Dance? A secret lemonade recipe? Great at puppet shows? Ask your parents to host a private zoom meeting to show your talent to family and friends, for donations.

In addition to your fundraising webpage, friends and family may also give via check payable to CT Humane Society, c/o your family's mailing address.  When your stand is completed, simply mail all checks to: CHS, Attn: P. Clark, 701 Russell Road, Newington, CT 06111.

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Your individual fundraising page allows you to share your story and set a goal. The funds you raise will help make our mission a reality!

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 Simon & Nina's fundraiser


Connecticut Humane Society
Questions? please contact Priscilla Clark at pclark@cthumane.org

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