The 2021 American Red Cross Hero Honorees!  

Lorei Kraft, Licking Memorial Hospital

"Lorei's continual dedication to research and procurement have been a key element in providing testing with quick results for Licking County.  Thanks to her concern and desire to improve the health of the community, LMHS played a vital role in slowing and reducing the spread of COVID-19", Mr. Rob Montagnese, President and CEO of Licking Memorial Health Systems. 

Dr. Uchenna Ezike, Ohiohealth Mansfield


"As we confront one of the largest health crises of our lifetime, Dr. Uchenna Ezike, an infectious disease specialist, has raised his hand and said: I'm here and I'll do whatever I can to help. He abides by a simple philosophy: Every patient is a human being - and is worth saving", Mr. Vinson Yates, President of OhioHealth Mansfield.

Sarah Nagy, OhioHealth Marion General Hospital

"Perhaps Sarah's most notable contribution was her swift and direct response to COVID; partnering with her Nursing Director, Sarah built from the ground up a local MAB (monoclonal antibody) infusion clinic for COVID patients", Dr. Curtis Gingrich, President of Marion General Hospital. 

Scott McKnight, OhioHealth Marion General Hospital

"Never one to be complacent, Scott recognizes an opportunity to take this important work one step further to decrease burnout among frontline workers, which is a real and lasting effect of the all-hands-on-deck COVID response combined with violent patient attacks", Dr. Curtis Gingrich, President of Marion General Hospital. 

Ashlynne Hurlow, Knox Community Hospital

"Due to blood shortages from cancellations because of COVID, Ashlynne has increased our number of blood drives from 4-5 per year to once a month!" Becky Glass, Account Manager for the Central and Southern Ohio Blood Region. 

Russ Mentzer, Knox County business owner

"Russ Mentzer has been a real hero to the blood program in Knox County. During the previous year when we were facing shortages due to COVID cancellations, Russ stepped in and volunteered to help promote our blood drives and the need for blood on social media.", Becky Glass, Account Manager for the Central and Southern Ohio Blood Region. 

Sharon Brooke and Chapel Grove Assisted Living Facilities


"On March 12, 2020, 22 staff members at both Sharon Brooke and Chapel Grove Assisted Living facilities moved into the buildings to protect their residents from Covid.  They remained there for 65 days.", Amy Twyman, Executive Director. 

Norma Stump, Blood Donor Ambassador, Marion


"What surprised me the most is when she continued to volunteer in Blood Drives even in the Pandemic environment when many of the older folk dropped off due to risk of exposure. When we stopped calling the older folk to volunteer, she herself called our office and offered to volunteer at the Blood Drives. I really admire her dedication and her desire to serve even in extreme circumstances.", Rajini Maturu, fellow Red Cross volunteer. 

Lori Brown, Blood Donor Ambassador, Newark 

"In Licking County, there is a fixed blood collection site that is open 2 days a week. During the pandemic, there were many weeks when this site was open more times per week due to the cancellation of so many other blood site locations. Since it was so difficult just keeping up with manning this fixed site with volunteers on a regular basis, Lori would often cover the open shifts herself. She did this while also helping to fill other mobile blood drives as well as volunteering at Licking Memorial Hospital.", Justin Lynn, Account Manager of the Central and Southern Ohio Blood Region.