Partnering for Education 2021

Amanda DePhillips's Table of Champions

The Covid-19 pandemic has really put a wrench in the typical school experience of our girls, grades 8 and 9. As distant learners and as a family, we have endured tech issues and we have persevered. These experiences have taught us many things. One thing is certain: without technology, their learning would struggle and connections with their classmates would be non-existent.

In addition, the school-owned music instrument program is so beneficial to all of our students. It provides a way for our students to have access to whatever they need so they can participate in band and orchestra. Our girls have benefitted a few times from this program. We have been able to rent a school-owned instrument so that we didn't have to drive the cello to school on orchestra days. We've also had to borrow an instrument for a few days while the instrument was being exchanged or repaired. But most importantly, for some students, the school-owned instrument is their primary instrument and I'm proud to support students who LOVE music by supporting the MVSEF! 

Please join me and my family in supporting the Mounds View Schools Education Foundation, who in turn, support the needs of our students in Mounds View Public Schools. Your gift will help with the costs associated with learning while distant, including filtered and safe hotspots for students and high speed internet necessary for streaming video technology.

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This event is made possible by the generous support of our community partners - Kraus Anderson, Land O' Lakes, Northeast Bank & RBC Wealth Management.

Melody Johnson
Amanda DePhillips