I'm With Mike 5K FAQs

Do I have to register for GiveSmart to register for the Virtual I'm With Mike 5K?

No, to register for the 5K you do not need to create a GiveSmart account. To register for the race directly, visit ImWithMike5K.givesmart.com


What date do I have to be registered by to ensure I receive my shirt by Father's Day Weekend?

In order to receive your shirt by of Father's Day Weekend, we ask that you register for the event by June 1, 2021.


If I register after the June 1st deadline, will I still get a shirt?

Yes, if you register after June 1st you will still be sent a shirt but you may receive it after Father's Day Weekend.


When I create a Champions team page am I automatically registered for the Virtual I'm With Mike 5K?

No, you are not automatically registered for the 5K when you create your Champions team page. You will need to make sure you register separately to participate in the 5K, and can do so at ImWithMike5K.givesmart.com


How do I create my Champions team page?

To learn how to create a Champions team page, click here.


How do I make my Champions team page look better?

Click here to learn how to customize your Champions team page.


Can someone donate to my Champions team page and sign up for the race?

Yes, these are two separate action items. Donating on someone's Champion page does not automatically register you for the Virtual I'm With Mike 5K.


How does the Mike Slive Foundation use my registration fee?

Every donation to the Mike Slive Foundation including your registration fee goes towards supporting the Foundation's mission to save lives by raising awareness of prostate cancer and by funding cutting-edge research. To learn more about the work we fund, visit our website.


How can I help promote the Virtual I'm With Mike 5K in my town?

If you are interested in receiving materials to promote the Virtual I'm With Mike 5K in your town or workplace, please email us at [email protected]


Where do I post my photos from our own Virtual I'm With Mike 5K?

To connect with us when you do your own Virtual I'm With Mike 5K, post your photos to social media and tag our accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @MikeSliveFdn and by using the hashtag #ImWithMike. To see photos from other Virtual I'm With Mike 5K participants over Father's Day Weekend, make sure to also follow our @MikeSliveFdn accounts.