Daily Special Item #166: Pickled Beets for EATS Auctionion Gratin

Beats for EATS raises money every year for Arlington EATS to ensure our neighbors have access to healthy foods. But this is only possible when neighbors serve neighbors. With every post, with every picture, with every act of charity and engagement, you've reached out and made Arlington a stronger community. 

For your final Daily Special, engage one more time and serve your community. 


What auction item raised the most money for Arlington EATS tonight?


Daily Special Item #165: Hot Red Letter Poem-chiladas

Food nourishes the body, but art feeds the spirit. 

Here in Arlington, we have a vibrant art community and our very own poet laureate: Steven Ratiner. 

What's the name of The Red Letter Poem for Friday, March 19? 

Make sure to check out Steven's past poems at: http://artsarlington.org/red-letter-poems/


Daily Special Item #164: BBQ Book Rack of Ribs with Word Slaw

Food poverty has many different faces, but each has a different story, and The Book Rack knows a little something about stories. With over 30,000 used books and a fine selection of mystery titles, The Book Rack has set up a mystery window display for one day only. 

Solve the mystery word that Mike and his staff set up!


Daily Special Item #163: You + Me - dium Rare Roast Beef on Weck


After a year that has kept us apart, it's time to reconnect with our community. This exhibit honors diversity of experience and expression, just like in our town. We can find our humanity in art, so visit the Arlington Center for the Arts new exhibit YOU+ME. https://www.acarts.org/current-shows to find today's clue.

How many of the pieces contain human features?


Daily Special Item #162: Box o' Save-ory Pies

Did you know that the company BOX SAVE has donated a truck and a volunteer driver for more than a year to pick up deliveries for EATS at the Greater Boston Food Bank? Thanks to this company, Arlington EATS has been able to respond to the increased need for food. 

Where in Arlington is the truck (pictured here) parked this week? 

Keep it a secret, but make sure you tease others with your knowledge with #beatsforeatsathome pics of you or your family standing by it.

Daily Special Item #161: ACMItalian Sub


Did you know Arlington Community Media, Inc. produces excellent local programming for our community? From news to sports and arts, these shows are produced locally and stream on their website. 

Watch ACMI News ONLY TODAY at 8:00 p.m. for today's clue.

How to watch: Go to the Public Channel at  https://acmi.tv/ or on your local T.V. station (Comcast 8, RCN 629, Verizon 31).


Daily Special Item #160: Water-tower-cress Salad

People in many communities spend up to 60 percent of each day walking to collect water. Here in Arlington, we're lucky enough to have access to clean water at a moment's notice. But did you know that we have a water tower that collects water in case of emergency?

How many cistern covers can be found in the shadow of the water tower at Park Circle?