Frequently Asked Questions 

When does bidding start?

Bidding will begin on Friday, April 16th promptly at 10 a.m. If you have already registered, you can bid as soon as the auction starts. If you haven't registered yet, you can create an account using the button above.


How do I bid?

You can bid on any item with your computer, smartphone, or via text message!

You can also have GiveSmart automatically bid for you--up to a designated amount--by selecting the Auto Bid tab. Enter your highest bid amount and we'll increase your bid as needed to keep you winning until your amount is reached! You will receive a text notification when you have been outbid at your highest amount entered.

On Your Phone: Click the blue link in your welcome text message (from when you registered) and it will take you to your personal bidding page. Click on an item you would like to bid on. If you do not have the text message, go to the auction's webpage, log in, and begin bidding!

Via Text Messages: Text the item number and amount you would like to bid. No dollar signs ($) needed.

(Example: "102 300" then press send. You placed a $300 bid on item number 102.)


How will I know if I'm outbid?

If you are outbid, you will receive a notification email and a text message if you opted-in to receiving text message notifications. You will know as soon as you are outbid and can immediately go back to your item and bid on it again. This feature is active for every item in the auction.


When does bidding end?

All bidding will end on Saturday, April 24th at 8 p.m. No bids will be accepted after the bidding deadline. 


How will I pay for my items?

When the auction closes, you can check out by selecting the Pay option at the top of the screen. Our system is secure and will process your payment. If you wish to complete payment using another method, please contact the Oxford Kids Foundation via phone (248-264-2244) or email ( and a volunteer will help coordinate your payment.


How will I get my items when I win?

When the auction ends, you will be contacted by an Oxford Kids Foundation volunteer between April 26 - 30th to setup a way for you to get your items. Items can be picked up at Oxford Recovery Center's Brighton location, or they can be shipped directly to you.

If you would like your items shipped, we recommend making an additional donation at checkout to help the Foundation cover shipping costs for your items.