Swim to Success


"Anyone can learn to swim when given the opportunity" 

The purpose of Swim to Success is to help kids who don't have the money to even go to a pool, let alone learn how to swim. Swimming has many benefits including improved coordination and balance, healthy heart and lungs and it relieves stress.  Swimming is an important life skill that no one should be deprived of, which is why we want to teach as many kids to swim as possible, through Corazon De Vida. 


We are partnering with Corazon De Vida because they support multiple orphanages all along Baja with kids who might have never even been in a pool. We will be raising funds with Corazon De Vida to support swim days and lessons for the kids!


In addition, we are partnering with Wings Over Water, an award winning swim school, who will be providing swim instructors and lessons for the children. The Wings Over Water team is excited to work with us and teach the kids how to be safe in the water. 

Wings Over Logo

We hope you can join this amazing cause and make a donation today! Corazon De Vida is a registered non-profit and we will provide a donation receipt. 

All funds will be used to support a swim day including 

  • Lessons from professional instructors 
  • Renting out a pool
  • Swim gear (googles, etc) 
  • Food and water 



"Making a difference one lap at a time"

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