This has been a very difficult year for  children living in Baja orphanages. Families who struggled before this terrible pandemic are in even more dire need and with limited health services in Mexico available for the most venerable, the need has increased and all 10 orphanages that Corazon de Vida supports are 100% at full capacity. There is no government support for those who lose their jobs or to the orphanages who care for these displaced children. 

Here is how Corazon de Vida has helped the 10 orphanages and 500 children they support this past year: 

  • SUSTAIN: Provided nutritious and healthy meals, daily vitamin supplements, funds for household utilities,
  • IMPROVE: Provided medical & dental care, psychological services for children & staff, funds to repair vehicles, household repairs, staff salaries
  • EDUCATE: Provided additional laptops and desktop to accommodate virtual learning, increased Wi-Fi services to handle 50 students accessing virtual school concurrently, hired additional tutors to help with this new method of learning, funds for school fees and scholarships for 40 university students

Thank you for helping when I have created my fundraising campaigns, please know that you have truly made a difference in the lives of the children. Due to the virus, my family was not able to visit the Hacienda Orphanage last Christmas for our annual trip and we miss the kids very much. Thankfully they are all safe and doing the best they can. The children miss us all very much. 


Please make a donation to my 2021 fundraising page to make sure we can continue to provide for these sweet kids and keep them healthy. The Tabrizy Family is looking forward to visiting this year when it is safe to do so, hopefully you can join us.

 Love & Blessings, 

 Siavash & Sydelle Tabrizy


Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names
They are easier to ignore before you see their faces
It is easier to pretend they 're not real before you hold them in your arms,
but once you do, everything changes -  David Platt



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