Age 9

Clothes donated by Snap Girls

Being the superstar that she is, Alayna hopes to one day be on American Ninja Warrior or America's Got Talent stages to show her confidence, dancing, and athletic abilities! Alayna is going into the third grade at Meadowview Elementary School. Her mom describes her as the "playground queen." As she practices her American Ninja Warrior course, she is cheered on by all of her friends. Whether it's hip hop dancing, reading, gymnastics, or singing, she always puts in her best effort. Alayna is proud to say she has mastered her front AND back handspring. Her greatness can't be stopped, so watch out America's Got Talent, Alayna is coming to show you what all she can do!



Age 18

Clothes donated by basic.

A round of applause is in order for our recent Hoover High graduate, Allie! Allie was honored by receiving The Chloe Rollins Award, which is given to the student with the biggest heart, in honor of Chloe's memory. Allie was the first recipient of the award, which will be awarded yearly to one student who is determined, selfless, and has a consistent positive attitude. We could all be a bit more like Allie! Allie is involved with Young Life, a bible study friends group, Hoover recreation programming, Over the Mountain Miracle League, and works part time at CakEffect in Hoover. Allie hopes to attend a post-secondary college to work toward her further independence by taking courses on life skills, vocational job training, social skills to prepare her for independent living with roommates and the ability to lead an abundantly full life.



Age 13

Clothes donated by Dirty Hippie

Allison can do it all! She's all dressed up and ready to strut her way down the runway here, but you will often find her enjoying the great outdoors too. Allison is the manager for the Thompson Middle School cheerleaders and is a proud Girl Scout Cadette. The Girl Scouts has taught her so much like camping, hiking, canoeing, and archery. She's an excellent horseback rider and takes classes at Special Equestrians in Birmingham. Her bravery and strength has been tested through her outdoor endeavors, and she has continued to grow through each new activity. Allison received the Liberty Legacy Super Citizen award for her compassion and kindness to others. She is smart, independent, loyal, and outgoing!



Age 13

Clothes donated by Gigi's Tween

This is Alyssa's first BeYOUtiful BHM Fashion Show and she's excited to let her personality shine on the runway. She is a devoted Girl Scout and is even a bronze medal award winner. Alyssa's best quality is her eagerness to advocate for others with special needs. Like any teen, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, hiking, swimming, canoeing, and playing with her dog Cassidy! Where could we see Alyssa in the future? Traveling the country to visit the many National Parks! Be sure to give Alyssa a warm welcome to the squad on our social media.



Age 10

Clothes donated by Mon Ami

Look at that signature smile on Ashlyn! Never one to let an obstacle stand in her way, Ashlyn is a 10 year old go-getter. She dreams of one day being a math teacher and is well on her way as a top performer on her school's honor roll. She not only excels behind the camera, but also on stage. Being in the spotlight proves that no matter the challenge, she will smile and keep moving. Her self-confidence clearly shows when she is in the spotlight. Shine on, Ashlyn!



Age 42

Clothes from Belk

Betty is ready to dance the night away and give a shout out to her Blount-Oneonta friends! It is evident that Betty is so happy when she's out here dancing with her friends. She enjoys crafts, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends. Betty is proud to say she been able to maintain a positive attitude and project kindness while living with Gardner's syndrome. She hopes to live a long, happy life with her friends.



Age 17

Clothes donated by Alabama Outdoors

After a year hiatus, Chandler is back to show us how he has come out of his shell. He loves fashion and makes it a priority to be a fashion icon. This experience gave him such a sense of accomplishment and confidence! We also should add he has a killer hair flip. Where does Chandler see himself in years to come...sporting (pun intended) his leadership skills and taking the business world by storm! 



Wearing a tux from Mr. Burch Formal Wear

Chase is quite the character! Normally, you would only see him with an iPad in front of his face, but, with Pete and Terry as roommates, he is now able to find enjoyment in other things. Every other model wanted an upbeat jam, but not Chase. He wanted the soundtrack to match the mood of his outfit....romantic and endearing! Be sure to check Chase out on our social media and website during the virtual event to watch the vibe he wanted to convey!



Age 6

Clothes Donated by Linen & Grace

Claire is the youngest of our models and is cute as a button. She is ready to make new friends and learn as she enters the first grade at Edgewood Elementary this year! Claire loves playing dress-up and tumbling at her weekly gymnastics class. This summer Claire has been tackling swimming lessons so that she can enjoy the beach and pool with her brother, Davis. Claire gives the best hugs and loves to make people smile! Even at 6 years old, she has such a positive effect on each and every person who meets her.



Age 13

Clothes donated by Alabama Outdoors

A seasoned veteran of the fashion show, Isaiah is back in action to show his stuff. He is the true epitome of kindness, with his greatest strength being his servant heart. Always willing to lend a hand, Isaiah volunteers regularly in the community. Fun fact: He loves the WWE and even dreams of a career within the organization! His favorite wrestlers are Eva Marie and The Edge. With a heart of gold, Isaiah is sure to shine bright!



Age 33

Clothes donated by Alabama Outdoors

Introducing Jeffrey, the social butterfly! Jeffrey is always so kind, helpful, and enjoys talking to just about everyone. He is always looking for new activities and hobbies to experience and grow through. His top favorite hobbies are exercise, sports, and music. Jeffrey is proud of how he has been able to maintain his health and his job at the Arc of Central Alabama Food Bank. Keep up the good work!



Age 10

Clothes donated by Gypsy Girl Tween Boutique

Up next we have Kasyn! She will be starting her first year at Thompson Intermediate this fall. She is going on four years of twirling baton so you know she's used to the spotlight! Kasyn loves everything from arts and crafts to cooking with her mom. She has two cats, Loki and Aerie, and she loves to show them some TLC. When she grows up she wants to be a dentist, because she wants to help others with braces just like her! Her mom says that she loves when people cheer her on, so everyone give a big round of applause for Kasyn!



Age 9

Clothes by Mon Ami

Layla never shies away from being the center of attention. In this fashion show, you'll catch her striking a pose and serving us with some serious looks. She hopes to be a teacher or a chef one day and use her skills to make everyone happy. Layla is currently a student at Cahaba Elementary. She loves anything musical, which makes our runway one of her happiest places on earth! Her mom says that Layla is beYOUtiful because she is strong, energetic, and sassy. Like many kids in early intervention services, every milestone achieved is the next great accomplishment for Layla and her family. Her goal is to be the best version of herself no matter how big or small a challenge is. Take a note out of Layla's book and be the best version of yourself!



Clothes donated by B. Prince

Miss Lillie is quite famous at The Arc of Central Alabama. Everyone knows her and loves her great energy! She's filled with spunk, which is apparent through her dancing and at times bossy nature. When Miss Lillie is around, there's no doubt you're smiling. She loves hanging out with her friends, listening to music, and being outside. 



Age 10

Clothes donated by Gigi's Tween

Lindley Reese's mom says, "She's 10 years old going on 25". After she finishes school, Lindley hopes to work with animals and children. She got a new puppy recently, Cash, and also has two cats who she loves to care for! She is a proud aunt and natural caregiver to two nieces and two nephews so we have a feeling that she will excel in either path she takes. Lindley Reese loves her movement dance class at Vestavia Dance and playing ball with the Field of Angels. This year, Lindley received both the People Person and Spunky Spirit awards, and we can't think of anyone more fitting! LET'S GIVE IT UP FOR LINDLEY, EVERYONE!



Age 29

Clothes from Belk

Returning yet again, Mallory is ready for the spotlight. She is a Thompson High School alum... GO WARRIORS! As a Disney enthusiast, Mallory's dream is to visit Disney World as often as possible to let her imagination soar and feel the spirit of Walt himself. One of Mallory's greatest accomplishments is competing in the 2006 National Special Olympics where she won one gold and two bronze medals for gymnastics! MAY YOUR EVERY WISH COME TRUE MALLORY!



Clothes donated by Town & Country

Start the music and Mary's energetic personality comes out to play! If you have visited The Arc in the past few years you've probably been guided by Mary at our receptionist desk. She is truly takes prides in her duties and enjoys helping out whenever she is needed. Mary lives in an Arc-supported home with her roommate Shelia (also in our fashion show). She also attends church at Dawson Memorial and loves fellowshipping with others. Ask Mary what she enjoys to do and she will tell you simply getting out of the house. Who can relate to that over the past year and a half? Let's all try to embody the spirit of optimism like Mary!



Age 17

Clothes donated by Refuge Boutique

This is Molly's fourth year participating in the BeYOUtiful BHM Fashion Show, and she looks forward to "her fashion show" every year! Molly was meant for the spotlight! She loves to be on stage for the fashion show, choir, or the pageants she is winning. Molly is no stranger to hard work. She loves to help clean, do laundry, prepare meals, and more.



Wearing a tux from Mr. Burch Formal Wear

From the streets to the runway, Pete has swagger like no other! Famous for his vlog "Pete on the Street," Pete is everything and more. He is kind, funny, thoughtful, and overall a great guy. The best trait about Pete is his caring nature, especially when having a conversation with him. With his other roommates also being in the show, it was truly the best time to have them all together. He looked so sharp in his tux and knew which suit he wanted as soon as we walked in Mr. Burch Formal Wear on 1st!



Clothes donated by Mia Moda

Shelia is a social butterfly and is not afraid to admit it to anyone she meets! From attending church at Mountain Brook Baptist Church to working at Publix downtown, she is always a busy bee. She and fellow model Mary live together and couldn't be more different in personality, but ask them both and they will say it is a perfect balance. The hot pink to Mary's green, Shelia has a vibrancy like no other!




Wearing a tux from Mr. Burch Formal Wear

Voted CLASS CLOWN, Terry is always prepared to make you laugh! Best friends with Pete, Terry is the Patrick to Pete's SpongeBob. These buddies are quite goofy, but in a harmlessly comedic way. Terry is kind, talkative, goofy, and a helper. He is truly one of a kind and will pull out all the stops to put a smile on your face. Currently, Terry works at Publix downtown and enjoys earning his paycheck. He is working on getting a speech therapist because he wants to improve his diction and pronunciation. His hope through being in the fashion show is to bring a smile to your face!