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Parenting can be hard. but dressing your baby should be easy! That's why we're here. less hassle, more time spent together for you and your baby.

it's a simple formula: stylish prints, super-soft, ecofriendly materials and our SewSafe? smart magnetic closures that connect quickly and quietly so you can spend more time connecting with baby.

We are dedicated to upholding all our products to your and our high standards.

After struggling to put a velcro bib on her nephew and then seeing him cry from the velcro ripping out his fine baby hair, Lauren thought, "Why not a magnet which would be more gentle and fasten itself?"

Two years later, after vigorous research and development, Magnetic Me came to market with a full line of infant's wear to critical acclaim.

lifelong college friends, Lauren & Lawrence left corporate America with the single goal of making life easier for as many parents and babies as possible.

Donated By Magnetic Me- Lauren Levy