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Careaux E-Gift Card in the amount of 1,500 British Sterling Pounds.

Please Note- 1,500 Pounds Sterling currently equals $2,000 United States dollars. Exchange rate subject to change.

Laura & Rachel are sisters, best friends and co-founders of Careaux.

Careaux's mission is to be fully inclusive and to have #CareauxRoleModels of every age, size, ethnicity, disability, orientation and background creating positive change globally.

Inspired by our childhood memories of making dresses with our Nana, from an idea when Rachel was fourteen. Driven by inclusivity and sustainability - Careaux combines timeless silhouettes with a world first innovation.

With a hidden zip around the waist each Careaux piece separates into a top and a skirt, allowing you to have a different or same size top to bottom and mix and match the tops and the skirts to create different styles- adapting to the different moments of your day - to be treasured and change with you throughout your life.

Donated By Careaux- Laura Beattie