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1 Arnica Elderberry Jelly - all day maskne + spot rescue, 1 Plum Elixir - revitalizing beauty oil, 1 Date Nut Brulee - nourishing miracle balm.

The inspiration for LOLI or 'Living Organic Loving Ingredients', came to me the moment I realized the beauty industry needs to be stirred up. Peel back a beauty label far enough, and you'll see that it's lost its connection to what really nourishes us - food - and in its place is a blend of 95% water, preservatives and synthetics.

I believe beauty is a ritual that begins with you. Take matters into your own hands and let your intuition guide you. When you blend food to make beauty, you make more of yourself. It's powerful alchemy.""

- Tina Hedges, Founder

Donated By LOLI Beauty- Tina Hedges