Make a difference

Cardinal Cushing Centers is my work place that I have loved working at and who have invested 18 years in me and also sponsored my work visas and green card. May is also brain cancer awareness month. In lieu of the traditional brain cancer bike ride I'm riding for Cardinal Cushing Centers to honour Jules and her Aunt Pat. Jules had a passion for helping people with disabilities as her treasured Aunt Pat had Down Syndrome. Jules had many Aunt Pat stories and always loved to volunteer at Cushing. Jules came in her Coast Guard uniform to several events and loved being on campus and seeing the students. I know that Jules would be smiling down on us this month knowing the money was going to a place that has supported students similar to her Aunt Pat and given to our family in many other ways. 

Judith Morgan
Stanley Casey
Susan Kehoe
Marianne King
Cynthia Hogeland
Martha Heald