The Greenwood Education Foundation's Greenwood Community Care Center (GCCC) will be a facility that gives assistance and support to individuals and families who are struggling financially to make ends meet and/or struggling emotionally during difficult times. The number of Greenwood families who go without meals, clothes, housing and other necessities is staggering and the COVID pandemic has only exacerbated an already huge issue in our community. The GCCC will offer a food pantry, clothing closet and counseling services, but what will make it truly special is the "shopping" environment. Patrons will feel as if they're shopping for food in a small grocery store or for clothes in a small boutique. The atmosphere will be welcoming and inviting, creating more of a shopping experience for everyone who enters. Counseling services will also be offered in an array of areas with organizations we hope to partner with, giving those who seek them hope for a better tomorrow. While all of this might not happen at once, it is our goal to make all of these services available as soon as possible. Any contribution you can make to the creation and success of the GCCC would be greatly appreciated

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On behalf of the Greenwood Education Board, I would like to invite you to become a part of a Greenwood community project that will help countless individuals and families in the Greenwood community and beyond.  The Greenwood community?.YOUR community.  Most of us are sheltered from the struggles so many in our community face because we have a roof over our heads, clothing on our bodies, food in our kitchens and access to resources that can help us emotionally when we need them.  WE have this, but you would be blown away by the number of people living within just a few miles from you or closer who don't.  They literally don't know where the next meal is coming from and rely on Greenwood schools to feed their children.  It'snot a matter of deciding WHAT to wear on any given day; it's more about making sure there is SOMETHING to wear that is appropriate for the day's weather. Emotional issues that arise from the stress of such financial hardship have no release other than back into the family dynamic which makes things even more stressful.  A vicious cycle has begun with no escape?until now.

The Greenwood Community Care Center (GCCC) will be a facility that will offer a food pantry, clothing closet and counseling services in a way that lets our community friends in need know that they are loved and valued.  Imagine a food pantry that looks more like a small grocery store; a clothing closet that has been transformed into a small boutique, counseling that takes place in a private, comfortable and inviting environment.  We want our patrons to feel special because they're part of our community family, and that's the atmosphere we hope to create.

We simply cannot make this happen without the generosity of the individuals, families, small businesses and corporations that make up our community family.  Please think thoughtfully about any contribution you can make to this not only important, but critical, cause.  This is a huge issue in the Greenwood area, and the COVID pandemic has taken it to a whole new level. We really do need YOUR help.  Monetary donations are of course greatly needed and appreciated, but perhaps you have a business that offers a service we might need.  Please reach out to us and let's talk!  We are currently looking for a building that will meet our needs, but we're just getting started.  We want to fast track this as much as possible, but we can't do it without you.  This isn't just someone else's problem.  This is OUR community problem, and we need to fix it.  Please see the donation information below as well as contact information if you have any questions at all or services to offer you think would be helpful in this venture.

Please join the Greenwood Education Foundation and be a blessing to the life of your neighbors.  You might find that you're the one that receives the biggest blessing of all.  


Donna Jones


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