Terms and Conditions

Spence-Chapin respects the privacy rights of its users and recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. Personal information is private and confidential. All information gathered is used for internal purposes only. Accordingly, Spence-Chapin never discloses any information to a third party unless expressly permitted by the user in writing or when otherwise required by law.

A designated employee who has access to confidential information is trained to follow appropriate procedures in connection with any collection or disclosure of confidential information.  Because ensuring that all personal information is properly stored and protected is a top priority for us, all employees of Spence-Chapin are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of employment.

Spence-Chapin complies with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations governing confidential information. In accordance with New York State Social Services Law, Domestic Relations Law, and Public Health Law, Spence-Chapin assures that all records are kept confidential. 

Spence-Chapin does not provide, sell, or rent email addresses or share donors’ personal information to anyone outside of the organization.


Do you agree to allow Spence-Chapin to use your personal data?

I consent to allowing Spence-Chapin to capture and use my personal data. I understand and have read the Terms of Service and understand that I may revoke this consent at any time.

For more information about these terms and conditions contact challigan@spence-chapin.org