Studio B Fun and Functional Art by Brenda Wright


I grew up in a very creative, hands-on home. The kitchen table was perpetually set up as an arts and crafts area producing macrame' purses and heishi bead jewelry and resin buddhas. We made tamales, and apple turnovers, and huge family meals for our family of eight plus a few neighborhood kids. Such wonderful memories. I guess you can say it's in our DNA. And it's a soul-satisfying and fun way of life.

Now that I'm retired from the hustle and bustle of a wonderful corporate career, many days, nights, and hours are spent "getting my hands dirty," whether it be in fluid art paintings, gardening, resin works, and most recently, furniture transformations or "functional art". I love the freedom of letting the colors, textures, and shapes flow in and through me.

I'm blessed and grateful for this life. And I derive a great deal of joy from giving back to many worthy and important causes. So, whenever the opportunity arises, you'll find me in a third-world country bringing life-giving clean water filters to those in need, volunteering locally with my church and charities, and sharing my art to further these missions.

I hope you enjoy my work.




Rewind the tape 23 years where I found myself in my closet curled into a fetal position crying out of earshot of my five-year-old son. I didn't want him to hear me and I didn't want him to experience the pain that was a part of my everyday life. I worked hard to keep his life "normal" as I struggled with a drug-addicted husband. That was the last time I kept a truth from my son, cried over my ex-husband, AND the last time I felt sorry for myself without taking action. After years of trying to make us work, I realized it was time to make me work. I told him he had to leave, I can still hear his sobering response -- "You can't survive in California without my income." I can also still hear mine "Just watch me!" It was the beginning of the month when he left me with a full house of responsibilities and an empty bank account. [side note: When I got married, I quit my corporate job to be a housewife, raise my son, join the PTA and do crafts. After working 6 days a week, 12 hours plus a day, with a child in daycare, I welcomed the title "unemployed".

Post haste, I searched every room in my brain for what I could do to survive. The logical room in my brain said go back to corporate America. The practical room said, by the time you find leads, interview, go through the hiring process and wait 2-4 weeks for a paycheck, you'll be homeless with a five-year-old. That's when I entered the creative room in my brain. "Hey remember when Denise [an old college friend] came to visit and you guys spend the weekend drinking wine and making soap?" All of those materials were still living in the closet with other forgotten projects. That's it, "I'll start a company". I often made bath products, so here was my chance.  My son helped with the name "Beauty and the Bath" a spin on the book I often read him. So armed with my courage and stubbornness, I set out with homemade bath products and my son. We sold at every craft/home show I could find. Much to my amazement and divine grace, at the end of the month I had enough money to pay the mortgage AND buy more supplies! I cried tears of joy and never looked back. Beauty and the Bath served us well and helped us survive, but it was derived from a place of lack so years later, I changed to Bokujoy, [a play on the French word beaucoup~more] so I could operate from a place of abundance. Being in business  23+ years hasn't always been easy, but always worthwhile. 

"My why" has evolved many times--but the common denominator has always remained the same: peace love joy.  

With that as the base, all things are possible.


The Dance House

Our mission is to provide a safe space for students of all ages, skill levels, and styles in order to learn, an affordable space for growing artists to rehearse, and a creative venue for entrepreneurs to hold events.

Our goal is to provide highly qualified, reliable, and respectful dance educators that invest in each dancers' process and honors them along their journey. We intend for each guest to feel welcomed, honored, and inspired by their experiences here. The Dancehouse wholeheartedly believes in "Empowering Minds, Strengthening Bodies, and Embracing Positive Expression!" 

Estate Sale Warehouse

Six years ago, my daughter began to take an interest in the anti-trafficking movement. Initially, the thought of my innocent 16-year old daughter getting involved in such a cause terrified me. However, as her passion grew, she educated me and made me aware of the realities of human trafficking. Soon after, I met a client who opened up to me about her daughter's trafficking experience. This came as a total shock to me because the family was very wealthy and privileged; they had everything.  After hearing the story of how her daughter was recruited through the internet, I realized that this issue was thriving in the shadows. I began to understand that God had a plan for my daughter to continue in this work. I began to join in her efforts through donations, charity auctions, and awareness through my business, the Estate Sale Warehouse. 


Here at the Estate Sale Warehouse, we are proud supporters of the Flourish Academy and will continue to take on the responsibility to combat human trafficking in the ways we can.


Malia Designs

Malia Designs is a fair trade handbag and accessories brand that combines lively design, the use of recycled materials and affordable price points. Our products are handcrafted in Cambodia and every purchase helps to fight human trafficking.

Since the very beginning, our primary mission has been to provide a sustainable source of income to our artisan partners-lessening their vulnerability to traffickers and empowering them to break the cycle of poverty.Malia Designs accomplishes this using a three-pronged business model.

1. Malia Designs' products are made by fair trade producer groups that employ disadvantaged people in Cambodia - primarily at-risk women and the disabled.

2. We offer high-quality, fashion-forward accessories that pair lively designs with contemporary styling using materials sourced locally in Cambodia. Our fair trade production and frequent use of recycled materials are also good for the planet.

3. Malia Designs extends its mission even further by donating to nonprofit organizations fighting human trafficking in Cambodia and in the US.


Art By Elaine


Elaine Giles is a San Francisco-based artist who combines bright colors and striking design into her nature-inspired art pieces. While growing up, Elaine was constantly pulled between her love for art and her passion for advocacy work. It wasn't until she attended PLNU as a sociology major with an art minor and began working with the Center for Justice & Reconciliation that she learned that her two passions did not have to be mutually exclusive. When she graduated and then lost her anti-trafficking job due to COVID-19 in May 2020, she decided to pursue art as a full-time career path. A year later, she has used her platform to not only sell thousands of products to people all across the globe but also to raise thousands of dollars for social justice causes. Her art has opened up a space to conduct critical conversations surrounding justice work and social responsibility, in addition to bringing reminders of beautiful natural places to many.


La Playa Books

La Playa Books opened its doors October 25, 2016. We are a used and out-of-print bookstore with a sprinkling of new books and gifts.

Our family has been in San Diego since 1886 and is active in philanthropy and community events. This engagement with the community was our impetus to create a place of education and activity in our neighborhood. We participate in offsite literary events, host quarterly art openings and provide author support at local events.

Our mission is to keep books and literacy alive in San Diego.



Rethreaded started with a simple idea and a strong passion from its founder, Kristin Keen. She began by forming relationships with women on the street and making prison visits and realized that the greatest need was for a safe, supportive work environment where the women could earn money while learning a skill and experiencing continued healing through community. Working in partnership with the City Rescue Mission of Jack

sonville, Rethreaded hired its first full-time employee in November 2012.

Rethreaded's mission is to renew hope, reignite dreams and release potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business.

Rethreaded provides a second chance at life through employment for survivors of human trafficking in Jacksonville, Florida. Women have employment opportunities in different facets of the company including production, inventory, sales, marketing and finance/admin.

Rethreaded also operates as a distribution company that sells products from like-minded businesses who also employ women who have found freedom from the sex trade.


Homestead Hems

I have always been an individual that loved to create with my hands. Shaping something from a raw material into a final product has given me much joy in life. I am growing this business to become my own mom boss, and get to stay home with my daughter, while still challenging myself in creative enriching ways. Homestead Hems & Co. is my way to do these things. Homestead Hems started with one initial concept; creating custom aprons for all your apron needs. These aprons are designed around my many memories in the kitchen with my own mother and grandmother. I can remember cooking and baking along-side them, both of them adorned with their cooking aprons. It was always fun to wear my grandmother's extra apron to help her roll out the pie dough. These memories are what I based Homestead Hems slogan after "Items that will last as long as the memories created in them".

I have always been a giver, and I love being able to help others with my skills and business. As a PLNU graduate, I learned many life lessons along the ocean on campus. I truly believe God pulled me to Point Loma Nazarene to grow stronger as a young woman of faith. In donating to the Hope Rising Auction I get to help another individual experience the blessings that PLNU provides, through education and faith. 


Dr. Elona Gaball

I grew up in Russia, being raised by my mom for most of my upbringing. My father was in prison twice during my earlier years. My mom raised my sister and I with very limited resources. She worked two jobs and for a period of time also went to school in the evenings after work. I was practically a mother figure for myself and my younger sister throughout my childhood. My mom had dental problems in her front teeth and I would often see her coming home after dental visits in pain and I could definitely tell it was significantly affecting her sense of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Her dental problems were in the front and I know they greatly impacted her self-esteem and identity. 

My father got out of prison when I was 12 and she had her smile restored by a doctor I would later work with in Virginia. She came all of the way from Russia to get it done. I accompanied her to many dental appointments and once it was all completed - it made such a HUGE difference! This was 20 years ago. Now she enjoys a beautiful smile and she is happy and people say she looks 10 years younger than her chronological age! Women hold a special place in my heart! We derive SO much of our self-worth and identity from our appearances. Women are created strong and beautiful and can overcome any challenge! I believe that with ALL of my heart. I am deeply grateful for my life! I am grateful for all of the sacrifices my mom has made and for all my parents have done to send me here to get an education and to be able to do what I do. I know women are also more vulnerable and are subject to trauma and suffering in the world. 

Now that I am a dentist and have invested years, countless hours, and enormous finances in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry training, I want to offer my skills and expertise to women who can not help themselves.

Trafficking is an atrocious evil! There is no place for it in our developed society, especially in San Diego County. Women who are trapped in trafficking go through so much suffering and trauma in their faces and mouths. I want to make a difference for them and offer them my abilities and love and help restore their smiles. I truly believe with them seeing themselves in a different light, smiling and happy they would be able to redefine their identity, be happier, and fully recover. They can feel beautiful and worthy and come fully alive in all they are created to be.

I am a Christian and God rescued me and came for me, showed me His love, and gave me His light and life while I did not deserve it, was lost, and did not even know I needed it. He went first and gave! Out of the deepest gratitude I have for all God has given me, I want to give and love. It is the least I can do for all I have received from God and that is how I can walk "worthy of the calling I have received"! 

I want my practice to do well, grow, expand and be more successful SO I can LOVE deeper, give MORE, and be used by the Almighty to make His Kingdom come on Earth As It is in Heaven.



In the words of Chick-fil-A's founder Truett Cathy:

"We should be about more than just selling chicken. We should be a part of our customers' lives and the communities in which we serve."

Our corporate purpose is to Glorify God by being a faithful Steward of all that is entrusted to us; to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-Fil-A. 

Our goal is to be the world's most caring company!