Silent Auction Rules and Regulations


  • MUST be at least 18 years of age to participate
  • You will be required to register before you can bid and track the auction item
  • The minimum starting bid is listed on top of the online Bid Sheet


How Bidding Works

  • Single Bid v Autobid
    -   Single Bid: A single bid can be placed as a one time bid for any amount.  The app will notify you if you are the leading bidder. The app will also notify you if you are outbid and the amount needed to become the leading bidder.
    -   Autobid: You set a maximum amount for the item in which you are interested.  The system places your bid at the minimum amount needed to lead. When you are outbid, the system will bid automatically for you until your maximum is reached.

  • Who wins?
    -  When two bids are placed for the same amount, the bid with the earliest timestamp wins. Timestamps are set when the initial bid is placed, for autobids this is when a maximum was set not when the system prompted the bid to win.
  • Why are there bids with the same amount?
    We list competing bids of the same amount to indicate what prompted an autobid to be placed. Otherwise, it would be unclear as to why an autobid was increased.
          -   For Example, Item 100 has a current bid amount of $100 and a bid increment of $50. John placed an autobid at 7:00pm with a maximum amount of $200. John is winning at $150. Jill placed a bid for $200 at 7:30pm. John's bid is increased to $200 by the system. John wins because he committed to the amount earlier than Jill. The list shows both John and Jill at $200 so we can see what prompted John's bid to increase.

Closing Bids and Delivery

  • Participants will be notified of the time auction closes.
  • Any bid(s) placed after the closing is invalid.
  • The highest bid at the close of the auction will represent the winning bid.
  • At the close of the Auction, the Winning Bid participant will be notified by phone.
  • Winners of the auction item are responsible for arranging to pick up the item from the Trellis offices or otherwise arranging delivery. Trellis is not responsible for the delivery of silent bid items.


Paying for your Winning(s)

  • Bidders are responsible for paying for their auction item.  There are NO exceptions!
  • Any bidder not making payment in full at the end of the event, April 8, 2021, will forfeit the right to purchase the item at the discretion of Trellis, and the next bidder in line for the item will be offered the opportunity to purchase the item.



  • All sales are final!
  • All items are sold "AS IS"; there are no guarantee or warranty.  We are not responsible for any omitted information not indicated by the donor.


Tax Deduction

  • Trellis is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Any bid over the value of the item is considered a donation and may be tax-deductible. Please check with your tax specialist.