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Tanabel Syrian Supper for 2

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Syrian Spring Supper for Two: $60 for 2 (plus tax)
Order by May 11th for May 15th pick up (Carroll Gardens Location TBD)
Mukhallal lift | Vibrant pink spiced turnip & beet pickles
Labneh bil toum khadra | Creamy spring garlic yogurt
Tabbouleh alrabiyyeh | Spring parsley & mint salad flecked with bulgur & janarek, sour baby green plums
Kibbeh maqliya | Crispy bulgur torpedoes stuffed with spiced lamb & walnuts, served with a lively red pepper & pomegranate sauce
Khubz arabiyyeh | Locally-baked fresh pita bread
Ma'amoul bil tamar | A Ramadan tradition, tender semolina cookies scented with flower waters & wild cherry pits and stuffed with sticky spiced dates

Tanabel is a Brooklyn-based food & events company that employs refugee women with exceptional talent in the kitchen. We prepare weekly Feasts & Dinners for Two that celebrate the rich and sophisticated cuisine of the Middle East and offer diners the opportunity to get to know the food and culture of countries in conflict. These authentic, generous and delicious meals allow our cooks to share a taste of home with their new communities and provide them with meaningful and empowering employment.