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Student Declaimer: William Brothers
Honoree Award Receipient: Mr. Brian J and the late Mrs. Joan Gail
Keynote Speaker: Dr. R.R. Reno, Editor of First Things Magazine

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At this year's event we have the distinct pleasure of honoring Mr. Brian J. Gail and his late wife, Joan. The Gail's have been an integral part of Regina Angelorum's growth and success since the school's inception. Mr. Gail helped establish Regina Angelorum Academy and two of the other original Regina Academies, serving as the founding Chairman of the Regina Angelorum Board of Trustees from 2007-2010. He continues to serve on the Regina Academies Board and remains the distinguished consigliere on all things Regina. Mr. Gail is an acclaimed author and Knight of the Immaculata. He and his high school sweetheart, Joan Mary Kain Gail, have always been to the Regina Academy and to everyone who knows them, a shining example of how to live the Christian calling from God to grow the kingdom of heaven here on earth. They quite literally have grown the Church, being blessed with seven children including two sets of identical twins and one set of "Irish twins," as well as many grandchildren. They beautifully lived out their vocation of marriage and parenthood in the nucleus of their home. They continued to spread that love to society where they, as visionaries, saw the great need for a school and curriculum in which learning and practicing the truths of the Catholic Faith are central to the development of each child. The Gails were integral in supporting and actively leading our community, and it is with great pleasure that we honor them this year at our Forward in the Faith Benefit.

It is the mission of Regina Angelorum Academy to promote and nurture the intellectual growth and talents of elementary school children through the time-tested classical liberal arts course of study. Students study and learn in a wholesome and rigorous academic environment. We count on the Forward in the Faith Benefit as our largest source of individual donations for Regina Angelorum Academy every year, providing our faculty and staff with the resources necessary to so they can continue to deliver an outstanding Catholic, Classical educational experience for their bright students!

When you give to this wonderful school you help lay the groundwork for future student achievement and success. And that is what this Forward in the Faith benefit is all about; always moving 'forward', with 'faith', despite the climate around us, and always together. We count on and appreciate your generosity to propel our work forward, and we ask you to please discern what you can contribute to this campaign.

Dr. R. R. Reno is Editor of First Things Magazine, which has been called the "intellectual nerve center" of orthodox thinking (Professor Robert George, Princeton University), "the premier journal of Christian thought in America today" (the late Charles Colson, Prison Fellowship Ministries), and "the most important vehicle for exploring the tangled web of religion and society in the English-speaking world" (Newsweek). Dr. Reno is also Executive Director of the Institute for Religion in Public Life. His essays and opinion pieces on religion, public life, contemporary culture, and current events have appeared in the New York Times, Commentary, and the Washington Post, among other popular outlets.

His most recent books include:
Sanctified Vision: An Introduction to Early Christian Interpretation of the Bible
Fighting the Noonday Devil
Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society

Dr. Reno also has been published in many academic journals and has appeared as a guest on
CNN's Crossfire, EWTN's Faith & Culture, and numerous radio shows.

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