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Matt Weil's 2021 page

Colleagues and friends

I'm excited to let you know I was nominated to participate in the National MS Society Leadership class of 2021.  I am sure many of you know I have been fundraising and working with the Society in different aspects for a number of years. I am truly honored to be part of the leadership class.  My participation offers me a great opportunity to spread the word about MS awareness and help with the vital job of fundraising. There is an estimated 1 million Americans currently living with MS; their families and caretakers are all aided by the support of the National MS Society with generous donations.

I have seen firsthand the  progress achieved by research funding the MS Society provides.  It's been  20 years since I was diagnosed with MS in that short period  time we've gone from having three disease modifying medications  to now having over 20.  When I began my treatment I was mixing medications for daily injections often with uncomfortable side effects; now i only have to take a small pill. 

The MS Society knows that we're stronger together! I have two asks:

  1. generous donations
  2. creative fundraising ideas and ways we can spread MS awareness


I have started with a small goal  I hopefully will quickly surpass with your generosity and help. I will keep you all informed of my efforts and progress as my classmates and I work to create a world free of MS!



Stacia Ray
Frazier Kennedy
Mindal Harrisin
Michael Weiss Michael Weiss
Debra Brooks