F3 STL: 4x4x48

When: Starts March 5, 8pm PST.
What: Run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.
Cost: $0
Not a runner? Exercise for 45-60 minutes of each 4 hour leg.


Q: But....Why?

A: I can't answer this for the rest of you, but for me F3 has been all about challenging myself in all areas of my life and disrupting my perspective, routine, and approach to life. Something I would have laughed at and kept scrolling past a year ago (even being someone who enjoys running) has me now motivated to see what mental and physical obstacles I can overcome. And I know that wouldn't be possible without a group of High Impact Men (HIMs) next to me, providing encouragement and support along the way. In a relatively short amount of time, I've seen the power that F3 has to impact men and change lives and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of it. And then to partner with an incredible organization that is changing the lives of children and their families and helping them to overcome their own physical, mental, and emotional challenges makes it all the more worthwhile. See the below which comes straight from the Ranken Jordan website:

"Every day, the children at Ranken Jordan are encircled by positive encouragement. Our team embodies the philosophy of YES: YES, you can play and socialize while you're on a ventilator. YES, you can go play outside. YES, you can do this. Our collective approach is "What would it take to ??" vs. "we can't." This positive philosophy leads to breakthroughs, continued innovations and better outcomes for the incredible kids we care for."

To me, this screams everything F3 is all about! Let's join in with Ranken Jordan on the YES team - YES, you can do this challenge. YES, we can help support an incredible organization. YES, lives can and will be changed in the process!


Please consider donating any of the suggested amounts above or an amount to tie in with our challenge:


4x4 = $16

48 = $48

4x48 = $192

4x4x48 = $768




Ian Fagala
Madysen Wilton
Christopher Shain
Gregory Teets
Sean Flower
Ryan Maksimovich
Steven Puzach
Tami Firsick
Timothy Holman