Let's All Show Support!

I think it's safe to say this has been one heck of a year.  As a medical professional I can tell you I never dreamed that we would be living through a pandemic of this caliber.  The degree to which this pandemic has touched us all is incalculable and unfortunately it's not over yet.  But even though this has been the most personal and professional challenge I have ever faced, I feel lifted by and proud of our community support.  The signs, the car parades, the donated meals and snacks... these small things make it easier to face the challenges created by the COVID virus.  I am so grateful for the moments of thank you.  Just two words - THANK YOU.  So I reach out to you, our Sibley community, first to say THANK YOU to YOU and second to encourage you to say THANK YOU to SIBLEY and it's dedicated providers, nurses, staff and administration who continue to work hard to make Sibley a safe and excellent place for your healthcare needs.

Andrew Lerner
Brittany Gore
Erin Fardshisheh