Minot Moonshiners

Welcome to the Minot Moonshiners Race Page! We are excited to join this fundraising event and set our goal to benefit our local trails, and also the Maine Snowmobile Association.

We are located in western Maine and our trail system is comprised of approximately 40 miles of trails, connecting to several other towns. We are always working to improve and expand our trail system and this season's focus has been on repairing and replacing most of our bridges. We continue to maintain our Tucker Snow Cat as the primary groomer. This past summer, we were able to refurbish the interior with new seats as well as replace several wear parts that were due (steering rod and boggie wheels). It remains in strong running condition and is a major asset to our trail system. Hopefully you will enjoy our trails sometime this winter. Thank you to all who joined the race to support Maine Snowmobile clubs around our state!

Richie Storer
James Neptune
Jeff Gagnon
Jason Piper