Auction FAQs


How are the proceeds from the auction used?

All proceeds from the auction support the mission of Regis High School. Auction proceeds are reported as Parents' Club revenue in the Regis annual operating budget.

What is the Auction Challenge?

The Auction Challenge is a campaign to support a specific educational enhancement that directly benefits Regis students. Past Challenges have included renovating science labs, modernizing classrooms, technology upgrades, etc.

This year's Auction Challenge need will be announced during the live event on March 27, 2021.

How will my cell phone and email be used?

Your cell phone number and email address will be used respectfully and only for the auction. Your contact information will be used to share information about the event, status of your bids, assist you with a self-checkout process, acknowledge your support of the auction, and distribute your auction winnings. If you wish, you may unsubscribe from text messages at any time. Text messages for the auction will be sent from #76278.

What is my personal bidding account?

When you register for a virtual ticket you will receive a confirmation text and email message. The link provided is your personal bidding account. Click the link to complete your user profile, add a credit card for bidding, and confirm your ticket.

Each guest is a unique bidder; if your significant other has their own ticket, and therefore, a personal bidding account, compare notes before bidding to ensure you don't bid against each other for the same item.

Do not share links sent to you from the GiveSmart system unless you want others bidding on your account and with your credit card.

How do I reset my username and password?

If you need to reset you username and password, here are the easy steps:

  1. Click 'Sign In' within a campaign site
  2. Click the blue 'Forgot Username or Password'
  3. Enter your mobile number used with your ticket or registration
  4. Click 'Send Pin'
  5. Enter the pin set to you via text
  6. Update username and/or password
  7. Click 'Save and Sign In'

Once updated and saved you will land on the auction home page as a registered user and will not need to sign-in.

If you need assistance logging in, there is a Live Chat button to the bottom left of the screen available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or email and a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I Browse, Bid, & Buy?

All bidding will be done electronically on any mobile device or computer. You will receive a text or email when the auction is open for bidding. Simply click on the link, sign in if necessary using the cell phone provided at registration, and start bidding. Click HERE for a short video explaining how to bid. 

From your personal bidding account, please note the following:

  • Opening Bid: An opening bid is a starting point and is less than the fair market value of the donated item. So bid often and bid up!
  • Place Bid: The system automatically enters the next minimum bid amount or you may choose to enter a bid amount higher than the minimum raise. Click the green "Bid" button to place your bid.
  • Auto Bid: An auto bid can be placed and set at the maximum amount you are willing to spend. With Auto Bid, the system will place your bid at the minimum amount needed to lead. When you are outbid, the system will bid automatically for you until your maximum is reached or the auction ends. Click the green "Bid" button to place your bid. You may change your maximum bid at any time.
  • Watch this Item: Clicking the star by "Watch this Item" will add the item to the "My Activity" list.
  • My Activity: Clicking on the "My Activity" button will give you a snapshot of the bids you have placed and the items in which you are interested.
  • Timestamps are set when the initial bid is placed; for auto-bids, this is when a maximum was set.
  • When two bids are placed for the same amount, the bid placed first based on the timestamp takes precedence. 

What if I have questions about bidding? 

If you have any questions about online bidding, email and a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible. We will monitor the online bidding closely and be able to answer any questions or fix any issues.

Why do I need to put my credit card on file?

Credit cards are required to ensure all pledge proceeds from the fundraiser are received.

If you did not add a credit card when registering, you will be prompted to do so when you make your first bid or instant buy purchase. Visit the campaign and sign in with your username and password or follow the link you received from GiveSmart when you registered to add a credit card. You can add or remove credit cards attached to your user account at any time.

How do I make payment items for items I won?

Immediately following the close of all auction categories you will receive a text message to begin the self-checkout process. You may pay by clicking on the self-checkout text and following the instructions. The self-checkout feature will allow you to pay with the credit card on file, or you may choose to enter a different credit card for payment.

Credit cards on file will be charged the day following the auction for any outstanding balances. After the auction closes, if you wish payment to be made in a method other than a credit card, you must contact us immediately at

What should I know before bidding?

Good question!

  • Descriptions provide you a brief overview of the item, expiration dates and restrictions, venue locations, and methods of delivery. Every effort has been made to describe the auction items accurately. All items are sold "as is" and all sales are final. Please read all descriptions carefully, and take note of conditions and limitations.
  • Winners must contact donors to redeem prizes in a timely manner prior to the expiration date. Contact information is provided on the certificate or gift card mailed or emailed to you.
  • The dates and times of "mutually agreed upon" prizes should be arranged directly between the donor and the buyer, not through the Auction Committee or Regis High School.
  • Please check certificates for expiration dates. All prizes expire on March 27, 2022, unless otherwise noted.
  • Certificates and gift cards are often original documents and cannot be replaced if lost.
  • All items are clearly marked with the method of delivery, please know before you bid.

How will I know if I won an item?

Winners will be notified via text and email after the auction category closes on Saturday, March 27.  Treasure Chest Raffle winners will be notified 30 minutes after the close the Treasure Chest Raffle.

How will I obtain an item I won?

All items are clearly marked with the method of delivery, please know before you bid. 

If you win tickets or gift certificates, our Auction Committee will mail or email them to you promptly after the auction to the mailing address or email provided when you registered for your virtual ticket.

Physical auction items cannot be mailed or shipped. Our Auction Committee will contact you to pick up your winning item(s) from Regis or an alternate location within the tri-state area.

What happens if an experience I won is canceled?

Winners must contact donors to redeem prizes in a timely manner prior to the expiration date. If an item you won is canceled due to COVID-related adherence to public safety guidelines, please contact the Auction Committee immediately. The Auction Committee will work with you to provide an alternate resolution if rescheduling is not feasible.

Anything else?

The Auction Committee has the option to withdraw any item from the auction at any time.

Please keep in mind that all of the items in our auction were generously donated by families, alumni, staff, and friends of Regis High School. Please respect our donors and do not ask them to duplicate or alter the terms of their donation in any way.