Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

 Thank you for signing up for the 2021 Hyde Collection Gala: Always in Style. Proceeds from the online auction benefit The Hyde Collection. Please read in detail the Terms and Conditions of the 2021 Hyde Collection Gala: Always in Style powered by Givesmart.

Do you agree to allow The Hyde Collection to use your personal data?

I consent to allowing The Hyde Collection to capture and use my personal data. I understand and have read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and understand that I may revoke this consent at any time.

General Information: The Hyde Collection warrant neither the quality nor the value of items at the auction.  All items are sold as is and are subject to conditions and terms stipulated by the donor. The dollar values are estimates provided by the donor and are not guaranteed by The Hyde Collection for tax purposes.  By your purchase, you waive any claims for liability against The Hyde Collection for products or services received.  No exchanges, substitutions or refunds will be honored by The Hyde Collection. Every effort is made to describe items as clearly as possible. Please read item descriptions, restrictions and expiration dates carefully before bidding or purchasing an item. Out of consideration to our donors, please use the services within the dates specified. If an item is specified to be available for a certain date, please do not ask the donor to change the date, or any other circumstance of their donation.


Consent to Receive Text Messages: By supplying your mobile device number to the Website or any of the Microsites, you agree to receive text messages about the event for which you are registering, as well as information regarding the auction and the status of your bids from GiveSmart. Agreement to receive this information is not required to register for an event or place a bid at an auction.


Responsibility for Purchases: By bidding on an item or purchasing an instant "Buy Now" item in the 2021 Hyde Collection Gala: Always in Style, you are agreeing to purchase the "Buy Now" item and/ or the auction item if you should win. The Hyde Collection is unable to cancel/rescind any bids. By making a donation to our Hyde at Home campaign, you are agreeing to donate the balance stated on your account.


Credit Card on Account: By placing your credit card on file through Givesmart, you agree to your credit card being charged following the event for the balance on your account if you do not provide or arrange another method of payment with the Development Coordinator. See below for further details.


Winning Bidders: In order to receive your winning item(s), you must contact the Development Coordinator to claim your piece via email at kromanowski@hydecollection.org within 10 business days of the conclusion of the 2021 Hyde Collection Gala: Always in Style.  You must also provide payment in one of the following ways:                                           

  • You may provide a credit card to the Development Coordinator or you may authorize for The Hyde Collection to charge your credit card on file that you registered on the GiveSmart platform.
  •  You may provide a signed check written out to The Hyde Collection. The check can either be mailed or given to our Development Coordinator when you pick-up your winning item(s)
  • You may provide the appropriate amount of cash to The Hyde Collection on the day you pick-up your item(s).


Pick-up/ Shipping: All items and certficates will be available for pick-up on September 25, 2021. For other arrangements, please contact the Development Coordinator, Kayla Romanowski at kromanowski@hydecollection.org to arrange another time to pick-up your item(s).

If the winning bidder would like to have the item(s) shipped, they will assume the responsibility for the actual shipping and insurance charges incurred. 


Tax Guideline: With respect to any donation made by you to The Hyde Collection, or you receive goods or services in return, your contribution is deductible for federal tax purposes only to the extent that its value exceeds the fair market value of goods and services received.



For more information about these terms and conditions, questions or concerns, please contact kromanowski@hydecollection.org.


For more information about these terms and conditions contact kromanowski@hydecollection.org