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Heads & Tails

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This is a fun game that will be played at the Live Auction and is for in-person guests only. Purchase the heads/tail necklace for $20 to play.

During the Live Auction our auctioneer will ask all of the participants who purchased the necklace earlier in the evening to stand up next to their seats. Our auctioneer will toss a coin and as the coin is tossed, participants place their hands on their head OR their tails. If the coin lands on heads and your hands are on your head, then you remain standing for the next coin toss. If the coin lands on heads and your hands are on your tail, then you sit down or vice versa. The game continues until one winner remains standing.

The winning prize is a one night stay at the Gaylord, National Harbor: Enjoy one night at the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel. This fabulous hotel is scheduled to open on July 1st of this year. All the guest-rooms have been renovated during the pandemic so they are fresh and new!

Donated By Night at the Gaylord