John Kreimer

Being married to a teacher, I see firsthand the sacrifices made - physically, emotionally and financially. Education, at times, can be a thankless profession, but most teachers are not in the profession for praise, admiration and financial enrichment. Teachers are dedicated to helping our future by challenging students intellectually, helping them grown personally and being there for them emotionally. 


The Greenwood Education Foundation provides assistance to teachers' (and support staff) continued pursuit of ensuring our future leaders are well prepared for success outside of the classroom and to make their positive impact in our world. The financial assistance given by the Greenwood Education Foundation allows teachers to provide learning opportunities that normally would not be available to them, and most importantly, our kids are the beneficiaries of these new and wonderful opportunities. 

As the majority of families have been impacted by remote/distance/e-learning, 2020 has given rise to the importance of those individuals involved with education. Please help me help the teachers and consider donating today!


Want to see the impact made by our organization? Please see the following video from our 2020 Monte Carlo Night event:

GEF Monte Carlo 2020


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