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Santa is dropping presents early this holiday season to a few lucky winners! The Lincoln-Way High School District 210 Foundation for Educational Excellence is holding an inaugural $10,000* Golf Ball Drop fundraiser at Sanctuary Golf Course, on December 2, 2020 at noon- Central time. Golf Balls are one for $20, three for $50, and seven for $100. Visit/click: https://LWBallDrop.givesmart.com to purchase or donate!


Purchase your golf balls today for your chance to win a $10,000 Grand Prize! The ball that is at the bottom (or closest to the hole) will receive the First Prize of $1,000, Second Prize winner (second ball from bottom or second closest) will receive $500, Third Prize (third ball from bottom or third closest) and Farthest From the Hole winners will each receive a $200 Sanctuary Gift Card. A sealed envelope containing a random number from 1 to 1000 will be placed into Santa's Hat, and if that number matches the First Prize winning number, that winner will receive the $10,000 Grand Prize! A maximum of 1000 balls will be sold and dropped. Sales will end the morning of December 2, 2020. Winners do not need to be present. If 400 balls or less are sold, the Foundation reserves the right to reduce all prize payouts 50%, excluding the Grand Prize.


This event will be live streamed on Lincoln-Way 210's Facebook page and replayed at a later date. A very special "thank you" to the Village of New Lenox, Altorfer CAT Rental and Sanctuary Golf Course for making this event happen. This is a fun and unique way to raise funds to support students and curriculum in Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210!



The Drop must take place on the green of a regulation hole at a regulation golf course. All hole/cup must adhere to USGA and/or PGA specifications. It is understood and agreed that there will be no less than the number of golf balls dropped than that called out in the certificate of coverage ( 1000). Each ball will be marked with a unique
number from 1 to 1,000. It is understood and agreed that each "number" purchased (this is listed on the certificate of coverage) shall be marked on the golf ball and the ball closest to the pin shall be the only ball eligible for the insured prize. A sealed Master Envelope containing the winning "number" (as listed on the certificate of coverage) shall be provided to the client. This envelope must remain sealed and can only be opened in accordance with the Drawing Procedures. If the number on any of the golf balls dropped are determined as the closest to the pin matches with the winning number in the sealed envelope, the person who purchased this ball shall be deemed the winner of the Insured Prize. The prize does not restore if there are multiple winners, and the prize would be split evenly between the multiple winners. The entire Matching Number Ball Drop & the execution of the drawing procedures herein must be videotaped in its entirety, and such videotape must be uninterrupted.

Every golf ball is assigned a unique number from 1 to 1,000. If less than 1,000 golf balls are purchased/sold, the number of balls dropped shall correspond to 1000. Once all golf balls have been dropped and have come to a resting stop, the ball closest to the pin shall be the only ball eligible for the insured prize. The Assured must first read the closest to the pin ball number that is eligible into the camera. It is only after the closest to the pin numbers have been recorded can the Master Envelope be opened to reveal the true winning number. If there is a match, the insured prize is won. If there is no match, there is no winner of the insured prize. Must have 2 non-participating witnesses & a raw continuous uninterrupted, unedited videotape of this event is required.

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