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The Nadadores are recognized as the gold standard of swimming and diving excellence since the team's formation in 1968. Since that time, the Nadadores have won 47 National Team Championships, 12 Olympic gold medals, 7 Olympic silver medals, 1 Olympic bronze medal, 5 Individual World Championship titles, and more than 150 Individual National Champion titles. The Nadadores have broken more national and world records than any other team at the Junior Olympic, Senior, and Masters levels, in addition to producing 135 All-Americans.  In 1992 ownership of this legacy organization changed, and the Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation was formed as a volunteer-run 501c3 to oversee both the team's swim and dive programs. Working in partnership with the City of Mission Viejo, the Nadadores strive to serve local, national and global communities as a best-in-class leader in our sports. 


The Mission Viejo Nadadores program is dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement for all of its athletes on their journeys to personal best. Our amazing athletes, world-class coaches, staff, volunteers and supporters make uncompromised commitments to the pursuit of excellence and to becoming champions not only of sport, but of integrity, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.


The program relies heavily on the financial revenue from monthly tuition, meet income, and fundraising efforts.  Revenue generated covers costs for operations, equipment, facility fees, rental, training, and quality coaching. Due to COVID-19, this year has been especially challenging. Still, we have responsibly and creatively found ways to continue offering quality training and a healthy, positive environment not only for our team but also for visiting displaced athletes with a dream. The Nadadores have been leading the way like a beacon of light, but we cannot do it without your gifts. 

Our financial goal  is to raise $200,000. Help us meet our year-end goal of $100,000! 

Gifts are all tax-deductible and will profoundly impact our program at all levels! THANK YOU!


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The Swim team is hopeful for a big year of competitive and recreational swimming in 2021. In order to prepare the facility and provide the best training environment possible, the team is requesting funds to support replacing the starting blocks and short course lane lines. Weather and use have taken their toll. With your help we can work our way through replacing the most deteriorated equipment first. Our goal is $120,000.

The club has 34 Spectrum Blocks for starts. When the laminate wears off it presents a slippery, potentially dangerous surface. Several of the kick plates on the blocks are jammed and can't be moved for individual use.  The lane lines have also become brittle and are easily damaged, exposing cracked surfaces that can also be a hazard.  

Mission Viejo Swimming hosts tens of thousands of athletes annually for training and for competitions at all levels. In 2020, many of our biggest revenue-generating competitions were cancelled. This includes the TYR Pro Swim Series Championships, which is expected to return in 2021. This is a highly televised event that we hope to be well-prepared to support. With your help, we will be ready to showcase a safe and spectacular competition pool!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact [email protected]



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The Dive Team has set a goal of raising an additional $25,000 in 2020!

Divers are busy with Dive-A-Thon, Sees Candies and general fundraising efforts, but the lack of meet income has taken its toll. This year many of our invitationals and championship meets were cancelled. This includes the FINA Grand Prix meet, which draws great media attention and terrific divers from around the world. We hope to see a successful return to a great 2021 meet season.  However, we need new equipment to be prepared for it. 


With your help, we can continue to provide quality equipment for all of our current team members, visiting athletes, and training camp participants. Each board costs around $6,000, and we need them throughout the facility both over the water and over the dryland training pits.  Additional wish list items include tumbling mats, tarp covers for weather protection, and sanitization supplies. 

For other ways to donate or get involved, contact us!

Contact Teri Chamoures in the dive office for more information: [email protected] 




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Through Our Eyes: The Joy of the Journey

Campaign 2020-2021

This season's campaign highlights the personal stories of our athletes, alumni, coaches, family members and volunteers. Our motto is "Once a Nadadore, Always a Nadadore!" We build champion people and become a family for life. Look through their eyes on our social media and in communications from shared testimonials.  Gain insight into individual journeys and the joys we celebrate - those which can only be achieved through personal commitment, drive, perseverance, support and teamwork. 

 If you have a great Nadadore story to tell either in writing or in a short (20 - 60 second) video, share it with us! Send it to the Swim and Dive team administrators or post it on social media and tag us @mvndive or @mvnswim! #MVNJoy

Contact Swim:  [email protected] 

Contact Dive:  [email protected] 

Contact the Fundraising Committee:  [email protected] 

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