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Join us on Thursday, May 6 at 7 pm for the 2021 Boston Partners in Education Virtual Gala!

This year's Gala theme is a personal one to Boston Partners in Education and our honorees at Liberty Mutual Foundation. "Passing The Torch" represents two important things to us: 

  • It's a celebration of students who - in many ways - have had to "grab the torch" earlier than expected during this challenging school year. We want to recognize the incredible resolve students have shown while taking on additional responsibilities and adapting to this trial-by-fire learning.  
  • It's also a promise to students that we'll continue to help them prepare for the future - that we'll do our very best to ensure their academic and socio-emotional growth are unaffected by these new learning dynamics. 



The Boston Partners in Education Gala is an annual celebration of mentorship in the Boston Public Schools - the culmination of the ongoing support our mentors, teachers, and Big Cheese Readers provide to students all school year. This year, we're thrilled to honor the Liberty Mutual Foundation for their commitment to Boston's youth.

In the past, our Gala has often celebrated the relationship between "today's readers" and "tomorrow's leaders" - the process of preparing our students for the future and the workforce. But this is not a typical year. Thanks to the global pandemic, this relationship has been challenged and student timelines have been vastly accelerated. Children are confronted by new responsibilities while trying to continue their education. Many students are learning 21st century skills on the fly. Some must juggle school work with supporting their families. Today's readers must also become today's leaders. As the torch is being passed to our youth at an earlier age than expected, it's up to us to help ensure their academic and socio-emotional growth remain unaffected by these new responsibilities. 

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