Party-To-Go:  TOOLKIT

Where is the Party-To-Go held?

Your house, your office, your friend's house!

What is a Party-To-go?  

Purchasing a Party-To-Go for $750 at is your chance to raise funds for Yakima's Children's Village with your friends. Children's Village needs your continued support! Over 6,500 kids use Children's Village services every year. Included is:

-  A family-style meal for ten catered by Zesta Cucina delivered by a volunteer between 5:30-7pm on May 21, 2021. Once you order, we will contact you for a delivery time. Orders must be placed by May 1st to ensure availability!

Host-Box delivered the week of the event, including two bottles of wine (one red, one white); a poster for display demonstrating the need at Children's Village; and donation supplies such as envelopes and online auction information. 

Party-To-Go PERK: If you participate in the Dessert Auction (see below) and WIN a dessert, it will be delivered along with your dinner on May 21. 

Who do I invite?

We suggest that you think of 9 people who you know are passionate about access to quality children's health in Yakima. Then, consider if you would like to host the dinner by yourself, or ask your friends to each pitch in to cover the party costs.  If you would like support building your guest list reach out to Renee, our Passion for the Village event coordinator at 509-575-8138 or 

Do I have to ask for money?

We would love your support raising funds any way you are comfortable, either by asking them directly or by simply following the suggested agenda and sharing the donation supplies found in the Host-Box. Consider setting aside some time during or before the evening to share with your guests why YOU support Children's Village.

What about Dessert!?! Don't forget everyone's favorite part of the Passion for the Village event, the Dessert Dash!! This year the 'dash' will be online, in a special online auction that is only from 9am on May 20 until 4pm on May 21 ( Get your guests together and bid on your favorite dessert, delivered with your Party-To-Go catered dinner.

Suggested Agenda: 

  • Pre-event: Set-up an area for the food, poster, and donation supplies.  
  • 45 min-1 hour: Host your own bar or use the wine provided in your host kit as guests arrive.
  • 15 min: The delivery and set up of the food will take about 15 min, it will arrive hot! 
  • 30 min: Dinner
  • 15 min: Watch the video-on-demand at and read/share the materials about Children's Village provided in your Host Box.
  • Enjoy your guests, set up games, or play some music!

Who do I call if I have more questions?

Our Passion for the Village event coordinator, Renee Adams, would love to help you plan your party. Reach out to her at 509-575-8138 or

*Delivery not available outside of Yakima County.