Corporate Honoree 


Medscape is the leading source of medical education (CME/CE), clinical news, health information, and point-of-care tools for health care professionals. For more than 25 years, Medscape Education has been committed to providing innovative education that makes an impact on patient outcomes.

Since 2013, Medscape Education has partnered with MSAA to inform and educate clinicians and patients on topics designed to improve care of patients with MS. With expertise in learning design and clinical content, and through the engagement of Medscape's membership, including more than 200,000 primary care providers and neurologists, MSAA and Medscape have delivered education that has reached thousands of clinician learners. Some program highlights include: A live patient Facebook event hosted by a leading MS physician, Dr. Stephen Krieger, engaged patients and providers in a discussion about updates related to diagnosis, treatment, and health/diet/reserve and wellness. Additionally, a new project will explore the impact of ethnicity and race on MS care, which is part of Medscape's Clinical Advances in Elevating Health Equity initiative.

At Medscape, we are proud of our powerful collaboration with MSAA to accomplish our shared goal of delivering education to enable improved MS outcomes. We are honored to be recognized as this year's Corporate Honoree and thank the MSAA for their selection and their unwavering dedication to their mission.