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Annual Stream Cleanup Safety Protocols 2021

Volunteers are required to pre-register for their selected cleanup location. We can no longer accommodate walk in or unregistered volunteers.

Each registrant must provide their full name and contact information and agree to our required waiver electronically.

Parents/Guardians must electronically agree with the waiver on behalf of minors.

Each member of the family must be registered individually - a parent/guardian email may be used for minors.

Volunteers are reminded not to attend the stream cleanup if they have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, if they are experiencing a fever or any other COVID-19 symptom(s), or if they have returned within the last 14 days from a state or country on the NJ COVID travel advisory list.

All participants are required to properly wear a face covering at all times. Even participants who have been vaccinated are still required to wear a mask during this event.

Please bring your own mask.

Volunteers are required to remain 6' apart at all times, excluding immediate family members, caretakers, household member or romantic partners.

Volunteers should wear appropriate clothing, dress for the weather and working alongside streams. Participants should expect uneven terrain, wet, slippery, muddy areas, briars, wooded areas, tall grass, slopes, poison ivy, stinging/biting insects and wildlife.

Volunteers are asked to respect nature, leave wildlife alone, and to stay within the defined area of the cleanup.

Volunteers should not wander off alone.

Do not attempt to pick up trash alongside a road or near any potentially hazardous areas.

Participants should not enter the stream if the water is high, rushing or if it has rained in the past 2 days.

Volunteers who enter the water do so on their own accord and should be prepared with their own equipment and safety gear.

Volunteers should not pick up anything that makes them uncomfortable or anything that is sharp, hazardous, out of reach, excessively heavy or that could cause harm. Please alert your site leader if you come across anything that falls into this category.

All sites will be equipped with supplies related to the cleanup including plastic trash bags, work gloves, and hand sanitizer. Some sites will be provided with safety vests if there is a road or parking area near the cleanup area. Some sites will be provided with trash grabbers if supplies permit.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own work gloves to reduce the cost of the event and to reduce waste.

No food or drink will be served at the stream cleanup. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own water and snack and enjoy those items while inside their vehicles.

Volunteers are required to record the amount and type of litter they cleanup on our supplied data card. At the end of the shift all cards should be given to the Site Leader.

Participants should help the Site Leader by tying up their trash and recycling bags and carrying them and any other debris to the designated trash pile area at the site.

Thank you for participating in NJ's largest stream cleanup!