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Immaculate Heart of Mary Illumination 2021

November 06, 2021 6:00 - 11:30 pm

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis-Dwtn-Union Stn, West Louisiana Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA

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We are very excited and blessed to have the support of our community. The IHM Illumination Gala is an amazing event and one that we continually look forward to every other year. Please see a description of our Fund-A-Need project for 2021 below.

The 2021 Immaculate Heart of Mary Illumination Fund-a-Need Project

New additions to Gathering SpaceThe 2021 Immaculate Heart of Mary Illumination Fund-a-Need project will focus on improving the Parish Gathering Space that is connected to the Church.  This exciting project will address a number of issues in one of our largest and most commonly shared IHM community spaces.  Since the space was construction over 12 years ago, the beautifully wood-vaulted wood multipurpose room has struggled with providing the appropriate level of acoustics.  It's challenging to discern sound quality during presentations; the space has a higher level of reverberation beyond standard practice; and it's often audibly challenging to have one-on-one conversations.  Secondly, and similarly connected to the overall acoustic challenge is the lack of adequate audio / visual infrastructure.  The space lacks the necessary functionality to hold various presentations, meetings, and group work due to an aging speaker and visual display system.  The project would be realized in two phases:

 Phase 1 - Acoustic Upgrade
This phase will include installing approximately 450 sq. ft. of 2" thick wall-mounted absorption panels around the perimeter of the space.  These panels will be placed above the top of the windows.  Each panel will include a textured fabric wrap to coordinate with the existing color of the walls.  [Roughly $18K]

 Phase 2 - Audio / Visual Upgrade
This phase will include adding electrical infrastructure to support new loudspeakers in all four corners of the room, two 75" flat panel displays on the north wall flanking the corridor, wireless microphones, and a control system to display multiple presentations, adjust medial source selection, and control the volume.  An equipment rack will be located within the casework below the display and house two HDMI inputs and a wireless presentation device for connection to the displays.  Lastly, a user-friendly, moveable interface will be housed on the north wall near the displays for easy access and control of the system.  [Roughly $23K]

 Although not as visually intriguing as recent Fund-a-need projects, the goal of adding acoustic panels and current AV equipment will provide a huge improvement to the sound within the space as well as reduce the high level of reverberation that occurs.  The intent for the acoustic system is to blend into the surrounding space rather than drawing attention.  As a part of Phase 1, the project would also include adding a new cross to the north wall of the room as well.  These improvements will help increase the flexible use of the space, provide greater opportunities for new programming, greatly improve functionality, and will address various long-standing acoustic and audio / visual deficiencies.  In the end, the project will provide a benefit to everyone in the IHM community.


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Immaculate Heart of Mary
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Crowne Plaza Indianapolis-Dwtn-Union Stn, West Louisiana Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA