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This Saturday, April 17 at 7pm
Join us virtually for The 22nd Annual ART PAPERS Art Auction


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Prepare the signature cocktail "The Good Witch" designed by Alton Brown for this occasion. 

Virtual Show begins
with music by The Cocktail Hour and a look at Auctions past.

Virtual Program begins
with Emcees Ella/Saurus/Rex + Brigitte Bidet & a cast of Art Papers characters

Auction Closes

Times are in Eastern Timezone, and are approximate - tune in at 7pm!

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The Art Papers Auction is typically an in-person fundraiser that raises a significant portion of our annual budget. Due to the pandemic, this year we are holding the event online in real time and making it free for everyone to join. We hope you'll consider donating what you would have spent on a ticket or drinks until we can celebrate together in person again!

Things to Know:

Bidding + Buy It Now

  • Artworks in the Auction can be bid on and bought outright (aka "Buy It Now") from April 5 - April 16. 
  • On April 17, Buy It Now will no longer be available. Instead you will be able to set a maximum bid. Setting a max bid means that the system will be for you each time your are outbid, up to the maximum bid you set. If you are not outbid, your max bid will not be reached. To set select AUTO BID on the item of interest.
  • To Bid and Buy, you must register. Registration is free and can be done using the Register Now button in the upper right.
  • Works with ID #s in the 300s are part of the Small Works Sale. This is a new benefit of joining the host committee and sponsorship. Our VIPs will receive a text message @ 6:30pm EST on Saturday, April 17 granting them exclusive access to the Small Works Sale. 

Disclaimer: All artworks are sold as-is and all sales are final.

How Do I Place a Bid?

For instructions, click HERE.  

I Opted Out of Receiving Text Messages, but Want to Opt Back In:

If you opted out of receiving text messages from GiveSmart, and wish to opt back in to receive notifications from us throughout the evening as well as texts when you have been outbid, you can. Text APAuction2021 to 76278. 

Payment Options

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. 
  • We do not accept cash or checks.
  • Sales tax of 8.9% will be applied to all purchases excluding donations, sponsorships, and host committee.


Is My Artwork Purchase Tax Deductible?
Yes, but only the amount paid above the fair market value (FMV) of the artwork noted on your receipt can be considered a charitable donation, so bid up those artworks. It's for a worthy cause after all.

How do I Check Out?
If you are the winning bidder of artwork(s), you will receive a text directing you to "Self Checkout." Please follow the directions. You can also select the PAY button. For a video tutorial click HERE.

How Do I Get My Work?

  • If you live in the Atlanta area, artworks will be available for pick-up @ Indie Studios on Sunday, April 18 between noon and 6pm. GER-ART will be onsite to assist with packing/wrapping your artwork. 
  • If you live outside the Atlanta area and your work requires shipping, Art Papers staff will contact you the week of April 19 to discuss shipping options and arrangements.
  • The cost of shipping work from the Art Papers office is not included in the sale price and will be billed separately.
  • Should you need assistance with the delivery and/or installation of your artwork, GER-ART will be at Indie Studios on Sunday. Please note that delivery and installation services may require an additional fee to be negotiated directly with the shipper. 


I'm having an issue. Who do I contact?
Please email and we will respond to you as soon as we can. 


Lukas Bradley & Robin Mead
Anna & Fuller Callaway
Gil & Ashley Harvard
Elizabeth Ingram & Alton Brown
DeAnna & Gene Kansas
David & Elizabeth Minnix
William Muller & Letitia McDonald


Judy Beckett / Wieke & Lloyd Benjamin III / Susan Bridges / Victoria Camblin / Kimberley Campbell / Louis Corrigan / Teresa Burk & Stephen Currie / Cochran Arts / Tye & Cathy Darland / Jennifer & Dr. Carl E. Findley III / Baron Gray / Lynn Gray / Carolyn Griffin Hall / Felix Hu / Jackson Fine Art / Baxter Jones & Jiong Yan / Kevin Kell / Megan Key / Judy Lampert / Susan Laney / Ramie Little / Birgit & David McQueen / Richard Malek / Mildred Thompson Estate / Kevin Mobley / Christine & Ben Phelps / Amy Phuong & Kerry O'Brate / Alison Rand & Allan Zachariah / Lei Redding / Gerardo Reyes / Kristen Rolando / Ron Russell & Tommy Sweat / Alexandra Sachs / Louise E. Shaw / Sara & John Shlesinger / Lillian M. Short / Dawn & Eric Tresh / James Trigg & Aruna Sharma / Lauren & Jared Welsh / Steven Wojtanowski / Adele Wolf

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Bronze Sponsors:

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Media Sponsors:



2021 Artists:

These artists are generously donating their work to be auctioned in support of the programs of Art Papers. Some of these artists are just beginning to make names for themselves, while others are well-known having exhibited widely and appearing in noteworthy public and private collections. Many of these artists have been featured in the pages of ART PAPERS magazine over the past 40+ years. We thank each and every one of them for their generosity and encourage you, in the spirit of philanthropy, to bid often, bid high, and add a great work (or two) to your collection.

Laura W. Adams
Lisa Alembik
Todd Alexander
Rinne Allen
Davion Alston 
Curtis Ames
Kim Anno
Anita Arliss
Maria Artemis

Whitney Wood Bailey
Beverly Baker
Temme Barkin-Leeds
Jim Barsness
Avantika Bawa
Anthea Behm
Laura A Bell
Lloyd Benjamin 
Daniel Biddy
Khalilah Birdsong
Morgan Boszilkov
Mark Bradley-Shoup
Fredrik Brauer
Benjamin Britton
Maria Bruckman
Lucinda Bunnen
Joe Camoosa
Dennis Campay
Callie Cargo
Amelia Carley
Philip Carpenter 
Robert Chamberlin
Dustin Chambers
Elise Chang 
In Kyoung Chun
Jesse Chun
Krista Clark
Martha Clippinger
Lee Coffey
Kevin Cole
Carla Contreras 
Jaynie Crimmins
Louie W. Crumbley II

Sydney Daniel
Jack Deese
Elyse Defoor
Crystal Desai 
Brian Dettmer
Manty Dey
Terri Dilling
Mark Dion
William Downs
Erin Drakeford
Joseph Dreher
Craig Drennen
Didi Dunphy

Scott Eakin
Sarah Emerson
James Enos
Sally Eppstein
Sabre Esler

Cynthia Farnell
Jody Fausett
Andrew Feiler
John Folsom
Larkin Ford
Adam Forrester
Gail Foster
Jill Frank

Rachel K. Garceau
Meta E Gary
Shanequa Gay
Rich Gere
Eula Mab Rodgers Ginsburg
Candice Greathouse
Gwen Gunter

Alexander Hadjidakis
Melissa Harshman
Dana Haugaard
Harrison Haynes
Hollis Hildebrand-Mills
Sarah Hobbs
Brian Holcombe
Sun Hong
Ridley Howard
Melissa Huang
David Humphrey

Scott Ingram
Hannah Israel

Sonya Yong James
Carol John
Abigail Justman

Jaime Keiter
Marcus Kenney
Alex C. Kerr
Susan Ker-Seymer
Wihro Kim
George King
Marķa Korol
Karl Gustav Kroeppler
Lily Kuonen

Judy Morris Lampert
Tracey Lane
Stacey Lawrence
Blair LeBlanc
Nuni Lee
Makeda Jean Lewis
Pam Longobardi

Jess Machacek
Codi Maddox
Lilly McElroy
Michael McFalls
Erin McIntosh
Michi Meko
Donna Mintz
Katherine Mitchell
Dana Montlack
Tracy Murrell

Jenene Nagy
Sarah Nathaniel
Tommy Nease
Blanche Nettles Powers
Yanique Norman
Sharon Norwood
Brian M Novatny

Dorothy O'Connor

Jeffrey Wilcox Paclipan
Erin Palovick
Hannah Pasedag
Joe Peragine
Iman Person
David E. Peterson
Amy Pleasant
Steve Pomberg
John Prince

Daniel Raedeke
Chelsea Raflo
Jen Ray
Jeff Repko
Ullio Riccardo
Daniel Rich
Ignacio Rivera Jr.
Shana Robbins
Stacie U. Rose

Hasani Sahlehe
Sara Santamaria
Masa Sasaki
Olivia Satterfield
Ashley L. Schick
Pete Schulte
Karen Shacham
Robert Sherer
Julie L. Sims
Melissa Sims
Deanna L Sirlin
Alli Royce Soble
Daniel Soder
Damian Stamer
Alice Stone-Collins
Douglas Stratton
Thomas Swanston
Jon Swindler

K. Tauches / HOUSE of TAU
Dayna Thacker
Constance Thalken
Zipporah Camille Thompson
Kristin Thorsen
Tori Tinsley
Lisa Tuttle

Nancy VanDevender
Laura Vela
Ben Venom

Stacy Lynn Waddell
Holly White
Cosmo Whyte
Cori Williams
Ife Williams
Tyler Yvette Wilson

Alan Caomin Xie

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