NHSO's 2021 Virtual Gala

To enter the Gala event space, you must sign up on the "Hopin" website.


We are delighted that you'll be joining us for this special event! Due to our focus on maintaining safety for all participants while providing a fun and interactive experience, the 2021 NHSO Gala event space will be hosted on Hopin.  Please Call or email Dan Camenga with questions (203) 865-0831 x16.

Please use Google Chrome or Firefox for the best experience. 


NHSO's 2021 Virtual Gala: RISE: Follow these steps to prepare for February 6th.

  1. Click on this link: https://hopin.com/events/nhso-2021-gala 

  2. Type in the password "music". Then click the blue button labeled "Enter event".
  3. You will now be on the main Gala event space. From this page, click on the blue button labeled "Join Event".
  4. To experience NHSO's 2021 Virtual Gala, a Hopin account is required. If you already have a Hopin account, simply use your credentials to "Log in to access this event" (link is located above the Gala Access Pass description on the right side of your screen). If you need to register for your Hopin account, complete these simple steps:

             a) Enter your first + last name as indicated.

             b) Type your email address and create a password.

             c) Select the first checkbox to agree to terms and conditions. Note: You do NOT need to receive product updates.

             d) Finally click on the blue button labeled "Sign up".

                 You may need to click on "Not a robot" depending on security protocols.


NHSO's 2021 Virtual Gala event: RISE requires a ticket and a Gala Access Pass. Only guests with a combination of a February 6th Gala ticket and Gala Access Pass will be able to view and participate in RISE.



In addition to having your Gala ticket (via NHSO's GiveSmart), you now have your digital venue access (via Hopin).


Questions? Contact Dan Camenga at (203) 865-0831 x16 or email Giving@newhavensymphony.org.

NOTE: If you decide NOT to create your personal Hopin account, or you require VIEW ONLY access (with no interaction), we will accommodate your access with a direct link on February 6, 2021.